[DEPRECATED] Free Ecobee Suite, version 1.6.**

Universal Ecobee Suite, version 1.8.** Released

As of February 23, 2020, the latest release of my Ecobee Suite can be found here:

Release 1.6.** has been DEPRECATED

Current users are encouraged to upgrade to the new Universal Ecobee Suite, version 1.8.**

Highlights of This Release

The most significant changes to 1.6.** include:

  • New schedule/setSchedule support. Now supports the new SmartThings-defined Thermostat attribute/command for changing the running program. Additional documentation is available here in the SmartThings Community and also here on GitHub.
  • New Android Optimizations added to Ecobee Suite Manager v1.6.13 and Ecobee Thermostat v1.6.15
    • Via a new preference setting in Ecobee Suite Manager (under Preferences), users can now specify the type of mobile device they are using (iOS or Android).
    • Where SmartThings operates differently on these devices, the code now tries to optimize for the platform.
    • Primary differences are Heat/Cool At and Heat/Cool To on iOS (but not Android), and OperatingState ‘Off’ on iOS (but not Android).
    • The default is ‘iOS’, so if you have an Android, please go change the preference setting.
  • Notifications to Multiple SMS Numbers Given that SmartThings is removing support for the Contacts List on July 29, 2018, I have reworked notifications for all applications to use SMS and to support multiple numbers.
  • Asynchronous HTTP Polling is now significantly more efficient
  • Reservations A new internal-use-only capability has been implemented so that Helper SmartApps can coordinate their actions. For example, if one Helper sets the thermostat Mode to Off, via reservations other Helpers won’t turn it back on again. Note that manual changes will override reservations, however.
  • Dew Point support in Smart Mode You can now specify that Mode Off commands should not be executed if the external Dew Point is higher than a comfortable level (e.g., 65°F).
  • New Weather Sources in Smart Mode If you use a SmartThings Weather Station, such as my MeteoWeather Weather Station, you can select it as your weather source for temperature, humidity and dewpoint, giving you hyper-local weather updates (MeteoWeather requires a Meteobridge gateway for your personal weather station).

As always, the latest code, documentation and installation instructions can be found here:

Please provide bug reports, feedback, questions, requests, and even complaints here on this thread…

Change Log

Date File Version Changes
2018-07-29 ALL v1.6.00 General Release
^ Multi 1.6.01 Fixed sendMessage() in Contacts, Routines, Smart Mode & Smart Room
2018-07-30 Multi 1.6.03 Fixed reservations initialization error in Quiet Time & Smart Circulation
^ Multi 1.6.04 Fixed reservations initialization error in Open Contacts & Smart Mode
^ Thermostat 1.6.01 Fixed reservations initialization error
^ Open Contacts 1.6.05 Fixed getDeviceId()
^ ALL 1.6.10 Resync release with revised reservations implementation
^ Multi 1.6.11 Release reservations when disabling in Contacts & Switches, Quiet Time, Smart Circulation & Smart Mode
2018-07-31 Thermostat 1.6.12 Fix type conversion error for Auto Mode setpoints
^ Multi 1.6.12 Reservation Helpers support Manual Overrides - see announcement below
2018-08-07 Manager 1.6.13 Optimizations for Android via new Preference setting
^ Thermostat 1.6.15 Optimizations for Android setpoint display
2018-08-08 Open Contacts 1.6.14 Integration with updated *Setpoint handling
^ Quiet Time 1.6.13 Ditto
^ Smart Mode 1.6.14 Ditto
^ Smart Zones 1.6.11 Ditto
2018-08-14 Manager 1.6.14 Fixes for offline sensor temperature attribute
^ Smart Vents 1.6.11 Ditto
^ Sensor 1.6.11 Ditto
2018-08-18 Manager 1.6.15 Fixed initialization errors
^ Thermostat 1.6.16 Ditto
2018-09-11 Routines 1.6.12 Fix Mode Change action
^ Thermostat 1.6.18 Fix coolingSetpoint display
2018-09-14 Manager 1.6.16 Corrected capitalization of currentProgram for Auto Home/Away
2018-10-19 Smart Mode 1.6.15 Fixed external temp range selection, support both °F and °C
2018-10-24 Smart Circulation 1.6.13 Adds relative humidity restrictor
^ Smart Mode 1.6.16 Fixes initialization error with ST Sensors
2018-11-17 Smart Mode 1.6.17 Fixes dewpoint for PWS that don’t provide it to WU
2018-11-26 Manager 1.6.17 Fix reporting of off-line sensors
^ Sensor 1.6.13 Ditto
2018-12-02 Quiet Time 1.6.15 Added optional Auto-Off
^ Routines 1.6.13 Cleaned up Fan Mode Auto/Circulate handling
2018-12-21 Manager 1.6.18 Clean up removal of temp/test devices during initial installation
2019-01-06 Manager 1.6.22 Cleanup logging and handle ST sunrise/sunset errors
2019-01-30 Manager 1.6.23 New setProgramSetpoints(), better error handling
^ Thermostat 1.6.21 New setProgramSetpoints()
^ Smart Mode 1.6.21 Change Program Setpoints along with/instead of changing Modes
^ Open Contacts 1.6.17 Minor text edit
2019-02-26 Smart Vents 1.6.12 Added support for selecting “generic” vents (dimmers)
2019-04-07 Thermostat 1.6.24 Added schedule/setSchedule support

Thanks for the update Barry. I just updated everything from the repo. One thing I did find is when I went into the Smart Circulation helper to change settings I got an error when I hit save.

error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The JSON input text should neither be null nor empty. @line 583 (anyReservations)

I tried removing and reinstalling the helper and get the same error. I assume this is tied to the new reservations implementation but I couldn’t find anything that would cause a conflict with my setup. Any suggestions?


Please get the updated Smart Circulation v1.6.01 - should fix the reported Reservation error…

Thanks for the fast reply. After the 1.6.01 update I still get this error:

b5bf4cf4-2741-4625-97f5-2b89e01c3afd 12:02:28 AM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method currentValue() on null object @line 585 (anyReservations)
b5bf4cf4-2741-4625-97f5-2b89e01c3afd 12:02:28 AM: info Smart Circulation Ecobee Suite Smart Circulation Helper, version 1.6.01


Try 1.6.02 - bad cut/paste job, sorry.

Yo will also need updated version of Open Contacts, Quiet Time, and Smart Mode

Thanks for finding this for me…

No problem, glad to help. 1.6.02 stores my setting but still gives the following error:

b5bf4cf4-2741-4625-97f5-2b89e01c3afd 12:19:16 AM: error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The JSON input text should neither be null nor empty. @line 587 (anyReservations)
b5bf4cf4-2741-4625-97f5-2b89e01c3afd 12:19:16 AM: info Smart Circulation Ecobee Suite Smart Circulation Helper, version 1.6.02
b5bf4cf4-2741-4625-97f5-2b89e01c3afd 12:19:16 AM: trace Smart Circulation updated() entered


1.6.03 - got it this time, I’m ALMOST positive.


Updated Open Contacts, Quiet Time, Smart Circulation, Smart Mode and the Ecobee Suite Thermostat device -problem appears to be eradicated (for now).

All is good now. :+1:

I am re-implementing the reservation system, as I found a few issue with the current implementation. Will be posted later today…

Hm… I updated both device handlers and the Suite Manager and Suite Routines smartapps (the only ones I’ve needed previously) but my Ecobee and sensors all show offline now. Is this related to the reservation system? Do I need more smartapps now?

No, this shouldn’t happen. What version were you running prior to the upgrade?

Ecobee Suite has been updated to v1.67.10 as of 12:40pm EDT on July 30, 2018

If you have been an early adopter, please re-install the ENTIRE suite again. The major enhancement is a revised reservations system - given the embarrassment of issue found last night, I have re-implemented as a component of Ecobee Suite Manager instead of in the Thermostat device, for both reliability and efficiency.

My apologies for anyone that my prior release caused issue for…

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I don’t know what version I had before, but I did make the jump from the old deprecated version to the new version. Should I remove and add my Ecobee again?

Yes. There was a major overhaul with version 1.4, necessitating a complete re-install.

Have a look at the documentation, https://github.com/SANdood/Ecobee-Suite/blob/master/README.md where it discusses the process to remove the old version.

After everything is removed, you can follow the installation instructions - you have to install ALL of the files, you cannot just load the ones you use…

Minor update 1.6.11, release 2018-07-30 at 3:30pm EDT

Ensure that all reservations are cancelled if the Helper is temporarily disabled in settings.

Files changed: Contacts & Switches, Quiet Time, Smart Circulation and Smart Mode.

Recommended installation by all users of version1.6.*

I’m sure I previously made the jump to the new code. I know there was a major refactoring and remember re-installing my thermostat and sensors.

Anyway, I removed my Ecobee and re-added it everywhere (Smartthings, Action Tiles, Webcore, Google, etc). Now, when I come across any place that says Select Thermostats, it’s grayed out saying I can’t currently add this. It seems to be defaulting to my thermostat anyway, but it’s throwing an error (Please fill out all required fields.) when I click save.

Are you using Ecobee Suite Manager, and not Ecobee Connect?

Bah! That was it. Everything appears to be running Ok again.

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