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[BETA] Community SmartApp Installer

(Anthony S.) #1

Ok I’m ready to finally share this with the community

I want to start off by saying thanks to @coreylista for all his wisdom and contributions in helping me make this happen!

Think of this as a 2-tap installer of any of your apps/devices

  • Users will install this single SmartApp into there IDE
  • Enable OAuth which will then act like a MarketPlace to allow them to install any SmartApp/Devices that developer submitted to be installed or updated all with out ever touching any code.


  • Adds the Github Repo to the IDE
  • Installs any required apps/devices and allows them to select from any optional items the dev makes available
  • Publishes any designated by the developers apps that need published.
  • Enables OAuth for any SmartApps the developer defines.
  • One-Touch Updates or Apps and Devices
  • Includes RealTime Install/View counts and ratings which developers can use to see how much activity they are receiving for there apps/devices.


  • It’s very secure because you never leave the ST Mobile App.
  • You never leave the app and it requires users to manually initiate all actions.
  • When I finish integrating everything it will also allow one-click code updates of any of the submitted dev apps.
  • The entire app is hosted in the SmartApp so your data is safe.

Supported Apps

I’ve already reached out to quite a few community devs who have added there software for this Beta launch and I suspect that more will want to join once they understand how amazing this is.

Now for the Images

Quick Walkthrough Video

In this video i’m installing @storageanarchy Ecobee Suite
It contains the following items:

  • 1 Parent App
  • 7 Child Apps
  • 2 Devices

Getting Started Documentation

(Thanks to @MichaelS for putting it all together for me!)


  • You’;re in a region that supports the IDE GitHub integration!

If you are interested in getting your apps and devices into the software please PM as the submission process is still in development.

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(Mark) #2

Wow, very cool.

Can you tell us more about which smartapps are supported?

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(Anthony S.) #3

Any smartapp can be supported once the developer creates a file called a manifest for the installer to use to perform the processes

(Mark) #4

Yes I think I understand that.

I meant which smartapps can be installed this way at this time? :grin:

(Anthony S.) #5

I just uploaded a quick walkthrough video:

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(Austin Pritchett) #6

This is amazing!!!
I can’t wait to both use this as a user and developer!

(Jared) #7

Wow smartthings should pay you! This is awesome!

EDIT: your advanced installation instructions do not mention where to install the smart app (in smart app section of ide, not device handler). And you list GitHub integration settings with “Master” instead of “master” - it matters. Anyway I guess it’s “advanced” so most should be able to work around that as I did.

(Jared) #8

I used this to go ahead and switch from the ecobee version 1.2 to the version 1.3 through this app. I manually removed all of the old v1.2 smartapps but forgot to remove the device handlers. When I installed through this app it skipped the device handler saying it was already installed so in the end I was stuck with the old device handler and new smartapps.

Just a note, make sure you remove everything from the old version before installing the new one for ecobee at least.

(Jared) #9

Some notes about using this app:
-In the what’s next instructions it says “press save all the way out of the app” but there is no save or done buttons, only back < at the top left.
-having to re-enter my credentials every time I go into the smartapp is a little annoying.

(Anthony S.) #10

I forgot Android wasn’t consistent with iOS I will correct this.

There is nothing I can do about the credentials

(Jared) #11

That’s a shame. It seems the ecobee smartapp is able to save credentials so I figured this could do the same.

Anyway, great app!

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(Dean Smith) #12

This is the nuts! Great work all involved.

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(Marc) #13

This looks awesome! Two questions:

  1. If you already have a smart app installed via Github intrgration such as NST Manager, do you have to remove that instance and now go through this method? Or can you just convert it?

Edit: I answered my own question. This smartapp recognizes that you already have installed smartapps such as NSTManager and WebCoRe and will update them appropriately. AWESOME!!! Great work!

  1. how does this app actually get updated when you make new features or fix bugs? Can you do so within the app?
(John) #14

You should call it “Black Marketplace”

(Steve ) #15

Looks a great app and great idea.
Can you confirm though about the security as I’ve just gone to install this through My apps and I’m asked to sign into my SmartThings account.
Me doing that doesn’t give out my SmartThings password somehow does it ?

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(Marc) #16

From the Wiki link mentioned below:

Security is at the backbone of the Community Installer (Free Marketplace). While you are required to log in to SmartThings to integrate this program, no information about your account or IDE is revealed to anyone.

(Jason) #17

@tonesto7 Nice job man!!!

(Tony Fleisher) #18

Will this work for DTH only releases (without Smart App)?

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(Anthony S.) #19

in theory it should, but it was initially built to handle smartapps and it’s children.

I’ve just never tested it

(Micheal ) #20

This is FANTASTIC! I am updating Ask Alexa today and ask that folks test it with that. Works well for me, but let’s put it through the paces! Read about the update here: [RELEASE] Ask Alexa 2.3.8