[DEPRECATED] Updated Ecobee Suite, v1.4.0 (Free)

All ok. Reading fail on my part :slight_smile:

I have a question or maybe just clarification on the circulation handler. If I only want the circulation to run while I’m sleeping I would need to create a separate instance for each of the other program states and set them to 0 minutes min & max run time?

That is one way.

You could also create Routine handlers that change the thermostat to the appropriate Program when your SmartThings routines run and/or Modes change, as you can specify a fixed circulation minutes for each of your thermostat’s programs.


On Feb 17, 2018 @ 8:20am EST: The following were updated

  • Ecobee Suite Thermostat version 1.4.02
  • Ecobee Suite Manager version 1.4.06
  • Ecobee Suite Smart Circulation version 1.4.01
  • Ecobee Suite Smart Mode version 1.4.02 New Helper SmartApp

Fixed in this release:

  • Cleaned up logging of fanMinOnTime in device log
  • Tweaked handling of supportedThermostatModes in Smart Circulation
  • Improved SSL Error handling and recovery*
  • Added new Smart Mode Helper app

HURRAY!!! As of this release, users should no longer experience ANY cause to require re-login/re-authentication to/with the Ecobee Cloud servers. While the connection may fail for a variety of reasons, Ecobee Suite Manager will automatically recover and retry failed connections to the Ecobee API once the issues are resolved (e.g., server outage, SSL certificate expiration, link timeouts, etc.).

Ecobee Suite Smart Mode Helper SmartApp

This (new) Helper will automatically change Ecobee Thermostats’ Mode based on external temperature changes. Generally, the intention is to run Cool or Heat only modes when the outside temperatures might otherwise cause cycling between Heat/Cool if “Auto” were selected. Can also be used to turn the HVAC off when outdoor temperatures warrant leaving the windows open.

Features include:

  • Choose from only the Modes that are configured on the thermostat (Auto, Aux_Heat, Cool, Heat, Off)
  • Choose from 4 possible temperature sources:
    • Zip Code (SmartThings Location or manually specified Zip Code) - uses SmartThings embedded support for WeatherUnderground data
    • Any SmartThings Temperature Sensor
    • The Ecobee-supplied outdoor Weather Temperature (note, this is notoriously bad data for most people, unless you live within a couple of miles of the weather sources Ecobee uses)
    • A nearby WeatherUnderground Personal Weather Station (pws) (the app will help locate nearby pws’s)
  • Optionally deliver Notifications whenever the thermostat(s) mode is changed
  • Use a single instance (below, above and between temperatures), or create multiple instances

Many thanks to @JustinL for the original idea, the starting code base, and beta testing for this new Smart Mode Helper.


Why is the circulation app doing this? I seems like it short cycling the fan. I have 3 sensors and durning this time they were all within 1 degree and I have the app set at a 3 degree delta.

If I understand it correct if any sensors get more than 3 degree apart it will increase 5 minutes of runtime and after 10 minutes if they are still more than 3 degree apart it will add another 5 minutes, etc… What happen if the sensors are within 3 degree does it take time away?

Yes, it is supposed to take time away.

Try running live logging on the Smart circulation app overnight, and see what it says. Or send me the log.

I deleted everything from 1.3 with ease this time, I used the SmartApp installer which was nice other then every app shows a duplicate but that’s been brought up in their thread already. I still had to go into the ide and install device handlers and smartapps tho, I must be missing something here.

You should remove the duplicate files that appear under the “SmartThings” namespace, and keep only the ones in the “sandood” namespace.


Sometimes the dupes are there and sometimes they aren’t but my app installer isn’t working right anyways, it never installs everything so gave up on that for now, got 1.4 for you up and running so it’s all good. I only have the files under the new area ecobee suite.

All good - I hope it serves your needs…


Do we have to remove stock Ecobee (Connect) before installing Ecobee Suite Manager? Tks

No, you should not have to remove either the “Stock” or any previous versions prior to 1.3 from either myself or @StrykerSKS

That said, let me know if it doesn’t work…


On February 19, 2018 at 10:50am EST, all of the Ecobee Suite Helper Apps were updated, primarily to clean up descriptions and to improve logging.


  • Descriptions for ALL of these helpers now begin with “INSTALL USING ECOBEE SUITE MANAGER ONLY!”
  • File versions for ALL of these Helpers was changed to “1.4.01”, with the exception of Smart Circulation which is now at “1.4.02”
  • The Smart Mode Helper SmartApp was also updated to correctly handle when it is Temporarily Disabled

Aside from Smart Mode, these are not mandatory updates.

Hi Barry, after install the Ecobee suit, there are two things added to my Things list.
Ecobee sensor: did not see or detect any of my sensors. Am i missing some step here ?
Ecobee thermostate: it’s crashing. Im unable to open it.
Im using IOS 9 on my iphone.

Did you follow the install instructions?

If so, please run Live Logging while you go through the configuration steps using Ecobee Suite Manager…send me that log if you still can’t configure any thermostats or sensors (which must be done from inside of Ecobee Suite Manager - you cannot create these devices by hand)…



On February 20, 2018 at 11:50am EST, the Ecobee Suite Manager SmartApp has been updated to version 1.4.07

In this release:

  • Smart Recovery/Overcool operating status display is fixed
  • Now properly handles Ecobee API responses which don’t include updated data (rare)
  • Improved Live Logging when running at debugLevel 4 or 5

This is a recommended update for all Ecobee Suite 1.4.x users.

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what about smart-mode ’ smartapps/sandood/ecobee-suite-smart-mode.src/ecobee-suite-smart-mode.groovy’ ? I didn’t see it mentioned in step 14

Please select it also, or the installation won’t work- I forgot to update that part of the documentation. Will do it now.

receiving ‘An unexpected error occurred’ red banner on the Ecobee-Manager app once I hit Done after selecting the thermostat. I then hit Save on the main screen version 1.4.7

5d9b1154-f438-43a5-aa92-9e2dc2c2386f 4:40:16 PM: trace physicalgraph.device.cassandra.DeviceState@111b2208
5d9b1154-f438-43a5-aa92-9e2dc2c2386f 4:40:15 PM: debug obs --> [wind_gust_mph:14.9, precip_1hr_metric: 0, precip_today_metric:0, pressure_trend:0, forecast_url:http://www.wunderground.com/US/MD/Germantown.html, history_url:http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/WXDailyHistory.asp?ID=KMDGERMA22, estimated:[:], weather:Clear, windchill_string:NA, station_id:KMDGERMA22, UV:1, observation_epoch:1519162740, wind_gust_kph:24.0, precip_1hr_in:-999.00, observation_time:Last Updated on February 20, 4:39 PM EST, feelslike_string:75.2 F (24.0 C), temp_f:75.2, local_tz_long:America/New_York, relative_humidity:66%, temp_c:24.0, image:[title:Weather Underground, link:http://www.wunderground.com, url:http://icons.wxug.com/graphics/wu2/logo_130x80.png], solarradiation:–, visibility_mi:10.0, observation_location:[full:Rockingham Road, Germantown, Maryland, elevation:469 ft, state:Maryland, longitude:-77.286865, latitude:39.158550, country_iso3166:US, country:US, city:Rockingham Road, Germantown], wind_mph:7.5, heat_index_c:NA, precip_today_string:0.00 in (0 mm), observation_time_rfc822:Tue, 20 Feb 2018 16:39:00 -0500, feelslike_f:75.2, heat_index_f:NA, feelslike_c:24.0, heat_index_string:NA, ob_url:http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=39.158550,-77.286865, dewpoint_string:63 F (17 C), local_tz_offset:-0500, wind_kph:12.1, windchill_f:NA, windchill_c:NA, wind_degrees:328, pressure_in:30.36, dewpoint_c:17, pressure_mb:1028, icon:clear, local_time_rfc822:Tue, 20 Feb 2018 16:40:15 -0500, precip_1hr_string:-999.00 in ( 0 mm), icon_url:http://icons.wxug.com/i/c/k/clear.gif, wind_dir:NNW, dewpoint_f:63, nowcast:, display_location:[zip:20874, magic:1, full:Germantown, MD, elevation:136.9, state:MD, wmo:99999, longitude:-77.27999878, latitude:39.15999985, state_name:Maryland, country_iso3166:US, country:US, city:Germantown], visibility_km:16.1, temperature_string:75.2 F (24.0 C), local_tz_short:EST, local_epoch:1519162815, wind_string:From the NNW at 7.5 MPH Gusting to 14.9 MPH, precip_today_in:0.00]
5d9b1154-f438-43a5-aa92-9e2dc2c2386f 4:40:15 PM: debug WUSTATION: Executing ‘poll’, location: Home
48d6651e-389d-47cc-bc4b-74337f56fdee 4:40:15 PM: trace Last code check was done 102.976 seconds ago
48d6651e-389d-47cc-bc4b-74337f56fdee 4:40:15 PM: trace Heartbeat monitor called
6e743ab2-e7d4-48a5-9154-60b13ab80e2e 4:40:14 PM: debug Luminance rawValue = 9.471285480508996

Never mind - good catch. Fix being posted momentarily…