Ecobee Thermostat show up as Unavailable in App

Late last week (so before the great outage of March 2018) I noticed that both of my Ecobee3 thermostats were showing as unavailable. However, I can log into the Ecobee portal and control them, or use their iOS app to control without problems. I put in an email to ST support, which they promptly stated that they would get back to me. Seems like somethings been keeping them busy lately so I have yet to hear back.

Any way, can any one shed any light?

I was thinking it may be a wider problem than my installation, but not seeing anything on this forum it must be just me.

Over and Out,

I haven’t seen an issue with my Ecobee 3 thermostat on SmartThings. But I did have an issue on the Vera platform last week where all the clients I am supporting had their PIN’s invalidated and had to be re-registered for the Ecobee API access.

Tony -

To shed any light on the matter, we need to know which version of the Ecobee SmartThings support you are using:

  1. Stock version from SmartThings (namespace = SmartThings)
  2. The “My Ecobee” version made by Yves Racine
  3. The “enhanced” SmartThings version that @StrykerSKS made (namespace = SmartThings)
  4. The “more enhanced” SmartThings version that I made and maintained (namespace = SmartThings)
  5. My newer “Ecobee Suite” that now lives under my “sandood” namespace
  6. Other

If it was #1 - keep bugging SmartThings,
If #2 - send a PM to Yves (he doesn’t like public complaints about his product on this forum)
If #3 or #4, I suggest you upgrade/replace your current installation with the one here: [RELEASE] Updated Ecobee Suite, v1.4.0 (Free)

And if you’re already running that, please post me a specific problem report over at the above link, including the version numbers of Ecobee Suite Manager and your Ecobee Thermostat device(s). The latest version has all but eliminated “unavailable” errors…

(If #6, report your issues to the author of the DTH you are using).

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Do your apps use the PIN methodology?

They use the same API key approach that the SmartThings version uses…why?

Read @RonV42’s post above.

I answered Todd via PM…

I explained what I do within Ecobee Suite to avoid the issues that often require you to log back into Ecobee to get things working again. This solution is not implemented in any of the Ecobee implementations I listed above that are deployed in the SmartThings namespace.

It appears that only my free Ecobee Suite and Yves’ My Ecobee devices handle the error conditions that cause you to have to log in to Ecobee again from time to time (usually after some sort of network or server failure).

Thanks I’ll give that a try and report back.



#1, I emailed SmartThings directly. I sent the email for a second time yesterday. Just walked in the door, I’m going to try re-registering as was suggested by @RonV42.


Okay, I went on to the Ecobee portal and tried reregistering, no change. Tried to remove the Ecobee Connect within the SmartApps and it wouldn’t let me. Went into the MarketPlace, selected Thermostats, Ecobee, Connect Now. Both Thermostats are back online.

Thanks to all that chipped in for possible solutions!


FWIW, since you are using the SmartThings-supplied Device Handler, you will inevitably find that this happens from time to time without warning or notice (other than the Unavailable tag), and your SmartThings thermostat will stop working again until you re-login to Ecobee and/or refresh your install via Connect Now.

I’m not trying to sell you anything (my Ecobee Suite is entirely free), but if you become frustrated with the situation, you can always try my Suite, which does not suffer from the issue. And it has a few bells and whistles that the stock SmartThings support doesn’t offer (like the ability to have SmartThings Mode and/or Routine changes automatically change the Thermostats’ Program for you when you leave or come back home, among many, many others).

In any event, enjoy your Ecobee’s!


Barry, thanks again for your help. I enjoy my Ecobees very much. I will try your Suite this weekend!

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I found that Barry’s Ecobee Suite has been the most stable of all the Ecobee implementations. No matter what, Ecobee and some network errors will force the re-registration of the integration with the home automation solution. Over the last year I have yet to get a direct answer of why this happens though Ecobee support.

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Whenever, there is a problem (which does not happen often as my code is by far the most stable for more than 2 years now), I ask people to send their logs to as their logs may contain sensitive info about their location (ex. thermostat serial) and it should not be posted in the ST community forum.

My Ecobee device is the most comprehensive and resilient ecobee implementation under the SmartThings platform. Just look at the feedback from the users under my the thread:


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Like I said - your users are requested to communicate problems to you directly.

I haven’t used your code since you took it pay-for-play, so I am sorry that I didn’t provide the proper email address for people to send you complaints.

But I did mention your stuff 2nd, FWIW.

Have a nice day!

I don’t mind that My ecobee users post their problems in the forum, but they should always send their logs to

It’s kind of hard to solve problems at this stage without any logs (the code has been thoroughly tested and extensively used by thousands of users). So, the logs should always be sent to the email address above for security reasons.

There is a nuance here.

P.S. This practice is also valid for any complex DTH implementation that I’ve done: My 4 Flair Devices, My Next Tstat, My Next Cam, & My Next Alarm for Nest, My Automatic and My Neurio Devices.


Eh @anon36505037, maybe you didn’t read properly.

My contributor posted the positive feedback 1 year and a half AFTER he contributed and installed the code and several updates … How do you explain this? What could he get more from this post???

As indicated in his post, he was just happy to share his experience with the ST community as a whole like many hundreds contributors of mine…

Are you afraid to contact him to verify the truth?
Can you handle the truth???
Good luck as a minion.

That’s what you call yourself, a minion… So, good luck with your own contribution to the ST community as a minion…

I know that my code has helped thousands of my contributors to achieve their HA automation goals, so yeah, I’m very happy of my own contribution to the ST community.

Soon, there will probably be a marketspace for all developers and I will not be one of the fews to get rightfully compensated for the development work.

Better get used to it…

Do you attribute that (your comment re Marketplace) to Samsung running the show at SmartThings? I’m wondering if they’ve been doing some underhanded things with custom automations. One evening about two weeks ago…routines that have been running reliably for a long while just plain stopped.