[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 3.16 with Alexa Feelings

Version 3.0 of Echosistant
Release Version 3.1.6
Release Date 02/04/2017

***Release Version 3.1.5 adds a time stamp to profiles that send SMS, Push, and Notification as well as adds the time stamp to Notification Alerts.
***Release Version 3.1.5 is a bug fix that allows for more than one Routine to be ran per profile.
***Only update to Groovy file is required for this fix.

Additions to this code include:

  • Time Stamp added to Profiles and Alerts
  • Profile triggered mode change
  • Home Status page (in beta stage)
  • Ability to send a pre-determined message via Alexa feedback when Profile triggers (in beta stage)
  • Garage door control - commands are open and close
  • Lock control - commands are lock and unlock
  • Ceiling Fan control - commands are ‘speed up’ and ‘slow down’

Please see the Wiki for the full Official List of EchoSistant Commands

Please note that any features that are in Beta may be removed without notice.

Lambda Version 3.0
Release Version 3.1.6
Release Date 02/04/2017

Find detailed information here, as well as the install source files:


Version 3.0 of EchoSistant has received a complete makeover from Version 2.0.
There are new features, improved features, a stronger Text-to-Speech engine, and a whole
new way of communicating with your Alexa Enabled devices.

EchoSistant has expanded beyond TTS to give you device controls, notifications, and
introducing “Alexa Feelings” commands.

New features include Flashers, Color bulbs, delayed actions, thermostat controls and much more…

The EchoSistant Wiki page, found here http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=EchoSistant has also
received a complete makeover. It will step you through a complete install, help in troubleshooting, and
give you all of the information you need to fully utilize EchoSistant 3.0

To perform this upgrade you must do the following:

Upgrade the EchoSistant SmartApp to Release Version 3.1.6
Upgrade Lambda file to Release Version 3.1.3
Create a Main Intent Skill (only one required)
Update the Profile Skill intents on all profiles

You will not lose your currently installed Profiles. It is recommended that you go through each one after the
process to ensure your settings have all remained.

We look forward to your comments, suggestions, ideas, and criticisms.

Please report any bugs or problems. Please follow the “Troubleshooting” section of the Wiki prior to reporting bugs.

To use this Smart app you require an Amazon Alexa Enable Device or service and ST Connected Speakers.

This smart app is for communication within your Home Automation Environment. It is not for HA Control or for HA Status/report inquiries. There are other very powerful and diverse smartapps for those functions. EchoSistant is designed to work with those apps to bring your HA experience full circle.

We hope you enjoy our new version of EchoSistant and we look forward to your feedback.
Thank you.


If you update to the v3, don’t forget to tell your main intent how much you love SmartThings. It’s really amazing what you can do with SmartThings and Alexa…

So after you update just say:

Alexa tell MAIN INTENT “I love SmartThing” and see what Alexa has to say about that! Enjoy…


@bamarayne this one goes for you as my Christmas gift. Just say to a profile

Tell Profile to record a message: then immediately say the message and see what happens next

Happy Holidays to ALL

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I’m looking forward to giving this a whirl. While we don’t have any connected speakers that are capable of TTS (the closest I have is my Aeon Doorbell but I’d have to load all the audio files on there for it to speak what I want. I’m looking forward to when Amazon finally releases the push notifications to alexa. That will be the killer feature for apps like this and ask alexa.


You can still use Echosistant to cut down the yelling between family members in different rooms.

If you have an Alexa enabled device in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. You can set two profiles and communicate via repeat message or record message features.

If you are in the kitchen say: Alexa tell Bedroom I am going out.You can set the lights to flash when the bedroom profile runs, so then the person in the bedroom sees the lights flashing, and says: Alexa tell Bedroom to repeat last message…and the message will be: I am going out.

Who says you need connected speakers?

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always coming up with great new ideas!!!

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No, no, no…that’s your department. I am just the delivery guy…


I feared this would be something I couldn’t easily take advantage of, no ST connected speakers except lannouncer, now, I fear, many more hours will be put into my system playing with this! :wink:

Thank you guys and Merry Christmas!

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Lannouncer works great with this app… I use it.

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It’s my devices that aren’t perfectly reliable. Kids not charging their phones, on mute, etc, using Alexa is going to be far more reliable as they are never muted in All my rooms.

Seems I’ve spent more time making the entire house work around kid issues than mom and dad issues.

that’s because KIDS are the issues!!!

at least you don’t have 8 of them!


I’m installing EchoSistant for the first time! Can’t wait to try it! I only have a Samsung R5 in the kitchen, but a lot of ipads around the house. Is there a way to connect them to ST? Lannouncer is android only :frowning:


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Has anyone with little kids and at least an Alexa device in the house tried to send Santa a message? Well my kids tried last night to tell Santa something, but they were disappointed to hear that Santa skill wasn’t available but there are other apps in the store. Amazon you just turned into Mr. Grinch.

But wait, Echosistant changed that…my kids have been telling Santa all kinds of messages this morning and Alexa is prompt to tell them that the message to Santa was delivered.

How? Easy. I made a Santa profile. Of and the beauty of all is that at the end it plays the ho, ho, ho and makes my lights flash between red and blue! Yeah, it took daddy all but 15 min to set it up.

Alexa and SmartThings ROCKS!

UPDATE: leave it to the kids…my 4 year old…

Alexa tell Santa my brother is not being nice…
Alexa: Message sent to Santa
My 4year old to his brother…See Santa is not going to bring you any presents now…my 2 year old starts crying…oops, daddy!


I haven’t seen anything with the ipads yet… I’ll look around a bit

I got this error when installing the smart app

startup failed: script14826921338491977782455.groovy: 2332: unexpected token: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BamaRayne/Echosistant/master/smartapps/bamarayne/echosistant.src/app-Echosistant.png @ line 2332, column 14. iconUrl : “https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BamaRayne/Echosistant/master/smartapps/bamarayne/echosistant.src/app-Echosistant.png”, ^ 1 error

If you click on the link that’s showing in your post, are you able to see a picture?

try recopy and pasting the code into your ide… Make sure you click on RAW when you are in the Github to so you don’t get any stray characters.

I’ve seen tons of posts from users of Alexa wanting to know if it possible to have the Echo know which room it is in…

Well, with EchoSistant you can make that happen.

Create a “Living Room” profile. (you do NOT need speakers) Set up your lights in the living room. Create a virtual switch to mute your AVR, set up what ever you want…

Then just say, Alexa, tell the Living Room to be quite.

It turns on the virtual switch and mutes your AVR.

Give me a second. I’m uploading a fresh version of the code to Github. Something happened and the code is corrupt.

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Introducing EchoSistant Version 3.0.7

Additions to this code include:

Profile triggered mode change
Home Status page (in beta stage)
Ability to send a pre-determined message via Alexa feedback when Profile triggers (in beta stage)
Please note that any features that are in Beta may be removed without notice.