Teach Alexa to take actions based on your feelings

mine already does that!

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Do you have a daughter named Alexa, by any chance?!?

LOL… nope… daughters are Keona and Moira… I have a son named Alexander

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What I am after before stuff like this is to have multiple commands recognised in a single utterance. So I can say alexa turn on the living room lights and set heating to 23 degrees and have her do both things at once.

The other stuff is nice bit that needs Amazon to do a whole more stiff around tieing echo devices to groups of smart home devices

That can be done, but you need to maintain two lists of commands and two for devices and build your utterances with primary command and primary device plus secondary command and secondary device. Then split the actions in ST…Let us get out Echosistant 3 and I’ll show you how to do it. Is actually fairly easy…

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I’d like to have the ability to tell Alexa to turn something on in X minutes.

Yup I know you can get it working, but what I think we need is to have alexa listen for and as a secondary trigger after the alexa trigger.

That way it doesn’t need to be programmed by each skill and you could get her to do 3 things with different skills etc. All with the same utterance

That’s a very interesting idea. You still need to use primary and secondary commands and devices if you want one utterance but, you have a point here…Extending the time out, should give you a chance to take a break. So you’d say…turn the light pause for a few seconds then say AND set the temperature to x degrees…

Your wish will come true sooner than you think! :smile:


I have tested this today and is working well with primary and secondary commands & devices in the same utterance…


Oops, I’ve just created the perfect parental control.

“Daddy, I want to watch TV for five more minutes.”

Me: Sure, Alexa tell assistant to turn TV off in 5 minutes.

The skill is coming to a smart app near you, soon! Very soon…


The child will of course soon ‘ape’ you, as the voracious learners we call children tend to do:
“ALexa, tell assistant to leave Tv on”. :joy:

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Disclaimer: I am not actually using Alexa to parent my children. But the timer does come handy. As for ‘apeing’…my 4 year old already tried to outsmart me. He did tell assistant to turn the tv on. But…he was greeted with ‘you need daddy for that’. Where daddy is a pin code I put in for launching assistant requests…it’s all gadgetry :smile: and how much time you put in…to make it fun!


The 73% of you are in for a treat tomorrow. I hear you’ll be able to teach Alexa a few smarts. We covered the basics…but the sky is the limit on what you can teach Alexa. Stay tuned!!!

Xoxoxox Echosistant v3 Xoxoxox

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Since I don’t want to spoil the surprise, I cannot tell you what Echosistant 3 does.

But I can tell you what it doesn’t. It doesn’t reinvent wheels.

Direct control of devices, will always be more convenient by speaking to Alexa directly.

And is NOT a substitute for the powerful app that @MichaelS has developed. Ask Alexa, does a lot of things very well and neither @bamarayne nor myself wanted to create an app that would duplicate existing functionality. Echosistant is there to assist you to get things done, quicker!

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Exactly… We built this app to fill in those gaps for as close to conversational as we can get… It’s not intuitive… It’s just programmed to seem that way.

There are things you can’t do with CoRE and things you can’t do with ask Alexa…

And that is where EchoSistant comes in…

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…and the Echosistant with Alexa Feelings is out…


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The biggest problem here will be remembering which is primary and which is secondary. The commands have to be in certain orders or things go wrong fast.

This is now available!

Y’all are going to live version 4… We learned some valuable lessons with version 3 and things are getting better every day.