[OBSOLETE] EchoSistant Ver 5.0 ~ Updated Release (2018)


This a major code update to Version 5.0. This is not the original Version 5 that was previewed so long ago, but it contains roughly 95% + of the features that were previewed. There will be more coming.

New Feature: Automatic Room Skill Creation and Deployment
New Feature: Multi Room Commands

You will no longer create your skills individually in the Amazon Skill Developer website. Now, you simply create them and deploy them directly from your EchoSistant app. If you have 25 rooms you can create and deploy your skills in merely a couple of minutes.

This update will greatly benefit the new installers of the app. It will also greatly benefit current users with room maintenance.

There are a few other smaller features buried in the apps as well that pertain to control and feedback reliability and overall app performance.

As usual, if you have any questions about the app, concerns, or request, please keep giving me your feedback.

Thousands of hours have been spent on this app and any Donations, while absolutely not required, are greatly appreciated.

The new skill process is brought to you through the outstanding work of Tonesto7. His continued assistance and direct contributions to EchoSistant have been essential in bringing you the app you know today.

Do not forget that EchoSistant is now available in the Community Installer app by Tonesto7.

Please update all parts of the app code. Nothing needs to be done with the Lambda. If you have skills already created you do not have to worry, that can be used with this version just fine.

Please follow the wiki directions for the install and walk-thru:


Features you will find in EchoSistant:

Scheduling and Delays You can delay or schedule almost all control commands in the app verbally
Compound Commands - Giving you the ability to achieve maximum effectiveness from you Alexa and SmartThings environment. Tell Alexa to turn off the corner light, turn on the fan, and turn off the chair all in one session.
Revamped Delayed Commands Super easy to use… Just tell Alexa to turn off the kitchen lights in 10 minutes
Improved Reliability Are you tired of Alexa not know what you want? Rest easy knowing now she gets it right more than ever!
Improved Feedback Is the garage door open? Is the front door locked? Who’s at home? Are there any windows open in the house? Just ask… Alexa knows!

It is highly recommended that you update all parts of the app. Your current rooms should remain intact.

I hope you enjoy the new EchoSistant


I’m having issues with getting rid of the previous Echosistant version. Also, I am at this step and all I see is the previous version:

SmartThings Mobile App- Configuration

  1. Once you have installed the EchoSistant smart app in your SmartThings Mobile App, then

open the EchoSistant App. You will be greeted with this page:



Ignore that at the top, the 4.5… for some reason ST doesn’t like to update that.

What kind of problem are you having with removing the prior version? What error are you seeing?

Im not sure. When I try to execute the Smartthings Mobile App - Configuration step this is what shows when I open up Echosistant (first photo) instead of what your instructions depict (second photo). The first photo is from my earlier version of Echosistant

what did you do to uninstall the old version? Did you delete all of your rooms first?

no. I tried to delete the old version, but I received an error message saying it was being used by one or more persons (cant remember the exact wording). I did however go into the IDE and performed this step which I thought would delete the old version.

That error is because the child app still exist and are using devices. If you delete your rooms and then uninstall the parent, you should have no problem.

Also, after you do that, update your github as the repo has been changed.

It should be like this…


Will do it now. be back with you shortly

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I think I did it, but I see “Echosistants” everywhere in the app and IDE so Im not sure where I screwed up. Any chance you can go in there and see where I went wrong?

I’m sending you a pm

You can install EchoSistant via the Community Installer App.

How much of the work will the community installer do for you? Will it create all the various accounts from some input or is that a prerequisite to using the installer ?

It installs the appropriate code in the ST ide and tracks for updates. You are still required to create the Lambda and skills… the wiki has a very detailed step by step process for that… and it is pretty easy to do.

Alexa!, Install EchoSistant 4.6 in the “House” and create all the necessary accounts!

Ohh , not yet? :grin:

oh how nice that would certainly be


I’ve pushed an update to the parent app and the rooms app. Please update your files for the latest.

Parent app: Version 4.6, Revision 0.0.2
Rooms app: Version 4.6, Revision 0.1.6

You can say these two phrases to Alexa to make sure you are up to date:

  • Alexa, what is the current revision in the xxxx
  • Alexa, what is the current version in the xxxx


  • Multiple minor bug fixes
  • Major bug fix in Tokens generation
  • Feedback additions, ask for ceiling fan speed and for dimmable bulb levels.

Alexa, what is the ceiling fan set to in the living room
Alexa, what is the sink light set to in the kitchen

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When adding a trigger, Alexa Skill set is not a choice

After AWS IoT the next is “CloudWatch Logs”

Did you get this figured out?
Is this the first time that you’ve created a Lambda function?

Nope, just sat down to try again from scratch. First function