[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 4.0 ~ Evolved

Version 4.0 of Echosistant
Release Version 0.2.12
Release Date 03/13/2017

*** It is highly recommended that you perform a complete uninstall and reinstall from any previous
versions to version 4.0. We understand the inconvenience that this causes, but we can ensure you,
it will be worth the time and trouble.

Additions to this code include:

Release metric system weather 2.0
Added new category for Window Coverings
When telling a lock to lock, that is already locked, it will respond that the lock is already locked!

There are too many changes to list here. The app has gone through a complete makeover.

Please see the Wiki for the full Official List of EchoSistant Commands

Follow this link for detailed directions to install an use EchoSistant:


The new version expands the User/Alexa personal interaction experience. The list of commands and features
listed on the Wiki is not complete. It only touches the surface. Please explore and enjoy finding the hidden
gems found in the app. But make sure you let every one else know what you find… and we will put it on the Wiki.

The EchoSistant Wiki page, found here http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=EchoSistant has also
received a complete makeover. It will step you through a complete install, help in troubleshooting, and
give you all of the information you need to fully utilize EchoSistant 4.0

The Wiki is always a work in progress. Please inform me of any errors or additions that need to be performed.

To perform this upgrade you must do the following:

Uninstall previous versions of EchoSistant
Upgrade the EchoSistant SmartApp to Release Version 0.2.12
Upgrade Lambda file to Release Version 4.0.0
Update the Main Intent Skill
Update the Profile Skill intents on all profiles
Install the Profiles module

Optionally, you can install the following:
Notifications Profile Module
Security Suite Module

We look forward to your comments, suggestions, ideas, and criticisms.

Please report any bugs or problems. Please follow the “Troubleshooting” section of the Wiki prior to reporting bugs.

To use this Smart app you require an Amazon Alexa Enable Device or service and ST Connected Speakers.

This smart app is for communication within your Home Automation Environment. It is not for HA Control or for HA Status/report inquiries. There are other very powerful and diverse smartapps for those functions. EchoSistant is designed to work with those apps to bring your HA experience full circle.

We would like to give a special Thank You to the following:
Keith DeLong (N8XD) for original Lambda format and troubleshooting,

Jake (Entityxenon) for the Hue Color Filter, AppLink compliance, and other misc. code contributions and troubleshooting.

Adrian (ady624) for his skillful troubleshooting and guidance

Eric Thayer (eThayer) for his code in the EchoSistant Security Suite Module

SmartThings for all of the code examples and other things we’ve used in this app

Michael Struck (MichaelS) for his inspiration in getting this project started

and a special thanks to all of our beta testers that helped get EchoSistant ready for the masses

Documentation contributions: Michael Struck, JD Roberts

We hope you enjoy our new version of EchoSistant and we look forward to your feedback.
Thank you.


I cannot emphasize more that the featured list of commands only represents a small part of what EchoSistant can do! The EchoSistant 4.0 was designed with the community in mind. The app allows for quick integration of new key words, which we can all benefit from. The idea behind the new app, and my personal goal, is NOT to learn how to speak to Alexa but how to ‘train’ Alexa to understand us better. So please if you find that EchoSistant doesn’t take the action you want, DO NOT teach yourself the ‘right phrase’, instead, drop a line here and I’ll add key words to the app to accomodate your way of interacting with Alexa.

And a word of caution. Echosistant is experimental in many ways and pushes the limits of what an app can do. The brand new control engine for the Profiles, is based entirely on parsing free text. Something that no other app does, but is really fresh out of the oven, so things may be buggy for a while.

The release of EchoSistant 4.0 doesn’t mean that work is done, it really means that the foundation is complete and ready to be built on.


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Also, if there are apps out there that you would like controlled from within EchoSistant… or you’d like voice control of some of those features… I’m working on a new concept… Let me know… you might be amazed.



The wiki link takes me to a blank page, maybe its just me :slight_smile:


Try this without the “469” at the end…


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I can’t seem to get to the child app the link takes me to the master app. Maybe I just not seeing the correct link??

That worked, thanks


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Refresh your browser… I just checked them.

Thanks, they are fixed.

@bamarayne I still getting the same link in my browser and I have reset the browser and restarted my computer. When I go to the Child App I’m still getting the link to the master app. I have also used two different browser and I get the same results.

You are talking about the links in the wiki page right? The links above just take you to the wiki.

Here is the Master GitHub folder…

I am leaving this link here…I am trying to compile examples and pro-tips for us to share. Anyone who has time, please contribute with common phrases and tips for others to try…

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I tried upgrading this morning to 4.0. Testing the profile intent skill produces " “text”: "Oh no, something went wrong. If this happens again, please reach out for help!, would you like to try again? " & live logging in IDE said “7:59:59 AM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method size() on null object”

Tried creating a new profile and profile intent skill produces same error message. Profile intent worked fine at 3.x

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I’m on it trying to replicate. Stay tuned…

Did you do a full reinstall? Uninstall older versions and then install the new one.

Ok, I am unable to replicate, could you please open live logging and then go into your profile, open it and click done. Then head to live logging and take a screenshot or copy the “settings” so I can match? You can post here or PM. It doesn’t expose any security items.

yes, did full uninstall of 3.x echosistant. Did I need to delete and reinstall the lambda as well as I just pasted over with new 4.0 code in there and AWS skills site?

That’s fine.

Is the message playing from you’re speaker? Even with the error?

no message played to android tablet via lanouncer/bigtalker.