[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 2.0 - Use Alexa as free-form text

Announcing version 2.0.0 of Echosistant
Lambda code updated to 3.0

Find detailed information here, as well as the install source files:


PLEASE NOTE: This version is a complete overhaul of EchoSistant. It will require you to uninstall your previous install and start over. We apologize for this inconvenience. You DO NOT need to rebuild your Lambda function or your AWS Skills.

You will need to perform the following:

  • Uninstall EchoSistant Version 1.2
  • Install EchoSistant Version 2.0
  • Rebuild Profiles.
  • Update Lambda file to Version 3.0
  • Update AWS Skill Intent and Utterance files

This smart app is achieving maturity and updates will slow down in frequency. We are always open to innovative ideas and suggestions that add to the overall functionality of EchoSistant.

Please report any bugs or problems. Please follow the “Troubleshooting” section of the Wiki prior to reporting bugs.

YOU MUST install all areas of EchoSistant, including the intent file and the utterances, along with the smartapp code and the Lambda code for this upgrade to be successful!

EchoSistant is now a single SmartApp; it no longer has a parent/child code base.

Updates and Other additions to this new version include:

  • Bug Fixes/Optimizations - logic errors, misspellings, etc…
  • Continued commands after sending messages, set per profile
  • Repeat Last message with continued commands, set per profile
  • CoRE integration
  • Installed profiles on main page
  • Main system profile for repeat last message

PLEASE NOTE:Version 1.2 is no longer supported. if you experience problems with Version 1.2, please upgrade to Version 2.0.

To use this Smart app you require an Amazon Alexa Enable Device or service and ST Connected Speakers.

This smart app is for communication within your Home Automation Environment. It is not for HA Control or for HA Status/report inquiries. There are other very powerful and diverse smartapps for those functions. EchoSistant is designed to work with those apps to bring your HA experience full circle.

We hope you enjoy our new version of EchoSistant and we look forward to your feedback.
Thank you.


Small bug I’ve noticed, under Message Options, the Pre-Message string field only shows if you turn off “Pre-Message (plays on Audio…)” then turn it back on. I’m on iOS.

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Thanks. I’ll work on that.

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Mine too on Android need to disable then enable back to type your pre message.

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@Michael_D @protocol

That’s interesting and I’m not sure why that’s occurring. But, check this out. Tap on create a new profile. The tap on message options. The options is set to on but the custom message is not showing up.

Now, do not tap on the toggle… tap on the words.

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Yes the pre message will appear…


Please update your smartapp to Version 2.0.1

This is a bug fix (workaround) for the pre- message issue.
It is now set to default false.

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Gotta blow the horn here! I love this app!

I was in living room with the baby… The soaker told me my wife was ready with the baby’s bath and to bring her up.

I was in the bed room and told my son’s to do their chores. They got up and did them.

I told my other son to go downstairs and let the dog out. He went down and I got a message saying that it was done.

Wow, just wow!
Now I need more speakers. I have 9 Alexa devices but not enough speakers in the house…


Time to gather ideas for the next version. We have on our list several things we would like to see in the future:

  • 3rd party sms service, so we don’t put a strain on ST’s resources
  • 3rd party tts (for the same reason as above)
  • scheduleing reminders
  • integration with Google Calendar
  • integration with GMail

If you have any ideas of what you would like Alexa to do, or have suggestions on how to tackle any of the items above, please let us know.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Is there anyway you can take this concept and have Core trigger the lambda to send messages through my echo? Seems like it could be a workaround to usually having to trigger Alexa to announce something.

Unfortunately no. Even in the aws test environment we can’t trigger Alexa.

Is this set up using the github integration with the ST IDE or is this set up by pasting into the IDE? Just checking…

Ide set up is:

  • Owner: bamarayne
  • Name: echosistant
  • Branch: Master

Fantastic! Can’t wait to get it all set up and running!!! Excellent work!

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Thanks, let us know if you run into any problems.


This update is for the EchoSistant Intent and Utterance files only. This update is for improved reliability and to conform with upcoming changes with the Amazon system.

Steps for this update can be found here.


Please visit the EchoSistant Wike-page for a complete informational.


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On step 5 what do I enter as values under Custom slot type LIST_OF_WORDS?
Save is not an option

under the values area type in none

getting error

Error: There was a problem with your request: Unknown slot name ‘{ttstext}’. Occurred in sample 'Apples {ttstext} {ttstext} {ttstext} {ttstext} {ttstext} {ttstext} {ttstext} {ttstext} {ttstext} {ttstext} {ttstext} {ttstext} {ttstext} {ttstext} {ttstext} ’ on line 1

did you change the name in the intent file at the top? your entire page should look just like the picture BEFORE you click on save at the bottom