Multisensor on door + audible chime?

Hello - Im new to Smart Things and this forum. I tried the search function and am afraid I already know the answer. I have an ADT security system and am ready to cut the cord. I really don’t need external home monitoring. What I do like about the system is the audible short notification that a door or window is open.

I have the FortreZ siren/strobe for the alarm when I am away or asleep, but does anyone have recommendations for something that produces a short audible chime for when Im at home and the away sequence isn’t on?

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There are a few ways to accomplish what you want. For me, I use LANnouncer which requires an Android device with at least 5.1 Lollipop OS along with a smart App called BigTalker. I personally feel that this is the nicest option and can creates the most pleasant sounding chimes when doors and windows open. I don’t think you can use your existing alarm to create short beeps. There is another type of alarm that will allow that listed below. Finally, if you search for “Door chimes”, you will see a lot of discussion on this topic.

There is also this but it uses a different kind of alarm (Aeon Siren). All of this requires some knowledge of adding custom Device Handlers (DH) and installing community provided smart apps. It may seem intimidating at first so take it one step at a time. It’s really not too hard once you have a basic understanding of how things work plus there are plenty in this forum who will be glad to help you out along the way.

If you’re not familiar with adding custom code, check this FAQ first:


There’s also a how to article in the community – created wiki that you might find of interest. It details some additional alternatives. :sunglasses:

Great answers. Great community. Thank you. I will check out what you provided and let folks know how it goes. Greatly appreciate it.

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Looks like Amazon is sold out of the Aeon doorbell right now, but some of the specialty vendors have it, like , so if you’re interested in that one, shop around.

If you are using Alexa, or not, you can use an app called EchoSistant. It does this very well.

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I ordered this for something similar and I have already sent it back. The volume from this is not loud to hear unless you are around it. I even messed with the audio files to try and up the volume but still could not achieve my desired results.

I’m using the The Aeon Doorbell ($49) unit - I use it as a speaker. I am not using the doorbell portion. Found a loud beep.mp3. and using a predefined device handler for this unit.

All of my outside doors have open and close detectors beep when open
I also set up a detector in my mailbox.

I also created my own Alarm sound called Alarm.MP3 (using Audacity) so I have an Alarm when away from home.

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