Sound notification (Alexa)

Yeah and with the release of our new app… There is so much I can do! The heart of my system is free form tts… No pre determined messages… I say what I want and it’s repeated! And now… We can record messages and play then back later!

Yeah. I was definitely excited when I saw 3.0 released. I’m gonna get around to trying it out after Christmas.

Still dealing with mailbox and laundry room issues around here.


What is the name of the app and how does it work

So how does this stuff work?

Hey, you guys are the best. I really appreciate the help

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The name of the app is EchoSistant
you can find it here…

What kind of ‘issues’?

Currently, Alexa itself is incapable of producing any kind of sounds without being awake. That feature has been promised and we all hope it will happen soon. Meanwhile you can use any methods that @MEarly posted…

Trying to cheaply and efficiently setup monitoring.

Elaborate on laundry room, please…

This was what I was looking at but the issue is it only works with upnp/dnla speakers and not bluetooth dongles. If I could pass it through to BT, then this would work for me as I have a few BT receivers connected to my SS AVR.

Isn’t your AVR dnla capabale?

It is but the SApp doesnt see it or find it. But my AVR isnt always on. So if I can have the speaker go through Echo that would be best.

Yes, but you can ‘wake’ it up without yelling AVR, like you do with Alexa lol

Yes but that seems backwards. I would be telling Alexa to turn on my AVR waiting for it to go to the correct input then then waiting for it to brief me. Is that what you mean?

Well, no, you use this bad boy…

With Echosistant (mentioned above)…

And when notification is due, Echosistant turns your AVR on, plays the tts message then turns off your AVR and queues the message in Echosistant so that if you missed a notification, when you walk in a room, a motion sensor checks if you have any missed messages and either flashes your light to alert you, or just plays the message again…

Unfortunately, the Echosistant is not quite there yet. But you can still achieve some of this with Echosistant and CoRE…I’ll think about it more…This is something that Echosistant v4 will be able to handle. That’s a promise, because I want it too…lol

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YES! Version 3 released today… and we are already planning version 4!!!

I’m taking notes this time Bobby!

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@SBDOBRESCU, I was going to attach an energy monitor plug to the washer, but since I don’t really expect to ever actually need to control the plug, I’ve recently decided to get a “learning” HEM since I was planning to buy an HEM anyway. So the “issues” has really been just researching and finding something with real usage data and not BS marketing speak.

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Do you have access to a tablet or always on laptop/pc? You could simply run VLC or Kodi as DLNA receivers/client. You could then output from that device to Alexa or other Bluetooth receiver.

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Ah, yeah I have my washer hooked into the cheap Iris outlet. Been working super well for ever and a day. What is a learning HEM. Was thinking to get another Aeon HEM and hook it to my dryer.