[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 2.0 - Use Alexa as free-form text

Same name in Utterance and Intent

and make sure you copy in the new Intent file before changing the intent name in the file.

post a screen shot

I re entered everything and it accepted the info. Couldn’t find the typo. On to configuration.

-Select AWS Lambda ARN (Amazon Resource Name) Recommended

is this where I enter my ARN arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:xxxxxxxxxxxx:function:echoassit

When I do I get another error
Error: Please make sure that “Alexa Skills Kit” is selected for the event source type of arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:xxxxxxxxxx:function:echoassit

Is this your first profile?

Ask Alexa was installed a while back with no problem

Ok. Setup for the as a and lambda are the same.

error: Please make sure that “Alexa Skills Kit” is selected for the event source type of arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:xxxxxxxxxxxx:function:echoassit

When you first created the function, you didn’t choose Alexa skills kit…

yes. i’ll start again.

In the lambda web site, Tap on triggers at the top if the page. Choose Alexa skills kit.

Is this a fresh install of EchoSistant or are you updating it? How many profiles have you built?

Fresh install. I think it’s working. Thanks for the hand holding.

no worry… You only have to set up the one Lambda… Each profile requires it’s own skill and do NOT forget to copy the ARN from the Lambda into every Skill.


I’m working on version 3 and should have it ready in a couple of weeks at least, not rushing it.

Are there any recommendations or request for changes/additions?


I’m in the process of attempting to set this up for the first time but I think I misunderstood the capabilities. I thought I could use any of my Echos as ‘connected speakers’, i.e. I speak into one Echo and have my message delivered at another Echo. But when attempting to create a Profile in the smart app I don’t see any of my Echos listed as Media Speakers. Did I misunderstand the app’s capabilities?


Yes, unfortunately at this time an Alexa enabled Echo, Tap, or Dot can NOT have a message pushed to it. For this app to work you must have connected speakers.

I can assure you though, once that capability become available the app will be updated.

Ah. Ok thanks. What connected speakers are people using?

A lot of people use Sonos. I use a brand called Pure and I also use cheap android phones connected to my Dots via Bluetooth. I use an app called Landroid to make the phones into speakers connected to ST.

OK so the ‘connected’ speaker needs to be connected to SmartThings, not to the Echo? I have an external speaker which has a bluetooth connection and can connect to the Echo, but it sounds like that wouldn’t work?