Event notification lamp

Wondering if there is a app similar to colorcast but for events in general instead of based on weather.

Ex: if a contact sensor is open light turn red.
If my kid presence changes to present turn pink, if both my kids presence changes to present, change between pink and purple.
Laundry is done turn orange.
If my kids presence changes to not present, flash the lights.

A few examples, is there any smartapps made for this?
And triggered by switch or motion sensor.

I use core for it now, but it will simply trigger it only if the events happends when im in the room with active motion.
But if im not in the room with motion detectors, I wont get the notifications.
Do you have any idea how I can trigger the past events happend either by motion or a trigger afterwards?
Example when im back from work, I can see whats been happening while I was at work by triggering a switch or by motion it will run through the various colors for the respective events that have occurred?

Thank you, Ill give core another try if noone heavent made a specific app for this.
Even though the house is big I allready have other ways of figuring if my kids are home, just an example for a usecase.

Its more for my other family members then for me, some of the members dosent have a phone also.

Thanks for the help though

SmartHome monitor or Notify me when apps can notify with lights.

Well if my lights turn blue/red, etc to signify an alert, they will turn off in x minutes. The next time I walk into the room, open a door etc they turn on at the previous color set by the alert. So if I walk into the kitchen and the lights come on blue, I know there was a freeze alert, if they turn on red I know there was a door left open.
The changing colors of the alerts based on who is home is a bit beyond me.

Thanks, Ill try this

If it was a freezer alert and the door is open, will It browse through both colors then? Or only door open or freezing?

Take a look at this app…

The new version is due out in a few days and will do what you are wanting.

Can I use this app without Echo? I have sonos speakers connected to ST, but no Echo, due to lack of support for my native language.

In version 3 there is a specific section for alerts.

I’m thinking about actually making that into a standalone app.

It will play messages on your speakers, turn on and off lights with delay on and delay off, flash, send push and notifications.

I haven’t added color lights, but it is in work.

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Nice, Ill give it a try, any timeframe for when you will have color bulbs added? Days, weeks or months?, thank you

We are in the final stages of version three. We are expecting within a week.

It would be whatever the last alert was.