Samsung WAM1500 speakers $79 on 11/19

I had no problem connecting for notifications and wifi music. Originally I did have a problem it spamming my activity log…that appears to be fixed, but now there are several reports, including me, of problems with truncating TTS particularly wit Notify with sound

We own 3 of the WAM1500s along with a Sonos Play 1 and a Bose SoundTouch 10. Of the three, the only one that works consistently is the Sonos. At one time, the Sonos repeated itself, but that has been corrected. Of the three, the Bose seems to have the richer sound quality. There’s a reason the only one of the three you see on sale are the Samsung. We will not be buying any more and do not recommend them.

Hey there @KayNMIke you said the Sonos is the only thing that works consistently…how did you get it working consistently? I ask because on a fairly regular basis I have to remove them and rediscover them to get them to work. If your experience is different I would love to figure out what I can do to avoid frustration and have a consistent alarm for my SHM setup. :confounded:

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There’s a good bit quantity-wise in our setup, but nothing fancy. From the top, we’re using the stock Sonos Player DTH. We have a combination of CoRE pistons, Notify with Sound, and Simulated Switches that activate various routines. Some are as simple as “motion at the front door.” I did find, especially with CoRE, the simpler I kept the routine, the better. From a reliability perspective, it seemed more simple pistons worked better than fewer, more complex pistons.

It was rough for awhile, but in the last several weeks the only Sonos issue has been some of the simulated switches bringing up the last routine used (rather than the desired routine). I’ve been on the road and haven’t dug into it, but I took that as being a Sonos “favorites” issue. I suppose that’s something else we’ve done is try to utilize the favorites in the Sonos Controller app for all of our routines from MP3 files to Sirius channels and sports networks. Before using the Sonos favorites, the problems were much worse in terms of calling the wrong routine.

As far as SHM, that’s another story. We have had way too many nuisance alarms (especially with “Presence”) to trust SmartThings. For example, to raise the garage door, I now use a 3 out of 3 voting in CoRE (new presence, motion sensor, and camera motion sensor). Before I did that, the garage door would be going up and down at all hours as the presence of my or my wife’s phone disappeared and reappeared. IMO, SmartThings just isn’t reliable enough with a single activation device for mission critical uses like SHM.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the detailed response. It’s was really helpful!

Outside of SHM I struggle to keep them paired just to start and stop music. They just won’t work unless I delete and re-add them. It’s so frustrating!

I will persevere and hope I can get them working consistently.

Back to SHM for a second…it has been working very well for me over the last 2-3 months. Fingers crossed! :grin:

@cvastola … glad you found the comments helpful. I know the tendency is to doubt ourselves when something goes wrong. In general, especially with computer programs, if it worked once, it’s probably not the computer when something stops working. Well, unless we’ve been in there messing with things. LOL I have found that’s especially true with SmartThings. I can mess it up with the best of them, but when I haven’t played with it, I come to the community first to see if others are fighting with it. Again, ST is just not reliable. The upgrade the last couple of days crashing CoRE for Android users is a prime example.

Back to Sonos/WAM1500 … holler if we can be of further help. :slight_smile:

I purchased the WAM1500 at BestBuy yesterday, and so far (*fingers crossed) it seems to be working solidly with ST. Note I am not running RULE MACHINE or any special dev setup, rather I’m just using the stock ‘Music & Sounds --> Speaker Notify with Sound’ SmartApp. And since we’re in the Best Buy holiday return period, I’ve got well into January before I have to decide whether to keep it or return it. For what it’s worth, the Samsung MultiRoom App looks very limited, so if the ST integration doesn’t work solidly as hoped for, I’ll very likely return this.

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I already have Echoes/Dots/Taps in every room ( and impatiently waiting for Amazon to release WHA) . I only want them for ST TTS notifications too.

WHA? World Hockey Association? Sorry, I’m not hip on all this tech acronym stuff.[quote=“RLDreams, post:15, topic:63428”]
I only want them for ST TTS notifications too.

I’m in the same boat as you, a Dot or Echo in all major rooms. What should I be patiently looking forward to?

Whole Home Audio, Multi-Room Audio

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To be able to do text to speech to a Echo or Dot? (hopefully to all of mine in the future) I would need to get off my lazy butt & figure out CORE to do this?

That would depend on your “needs”. AskAlexa can give custom responses.

EchoSistant can send free-form text from Alexa to remote speakers and queue messages for Alexa to repeat. Is the reason why I am looking for more connected speakers…

Again I need to GOMA. I still haven’t updated to new AskAlexa, never mind even start playing with EchoSistant

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What are you waiting for, you are missing all the fun! Lol…

Echosistant is already at version 2.0

Hi all,

I don’t seem to be able to pair this with Smartthings. How did you guys do it? I’ve tried cycling through the different modes with the speaker, but the Android app still can’t find it.

What Smartapp are you also using for notifications/announcements too?

Just leave the speaker on WiFi setup in the SMR app. Set static IP address. Open ST app, add things, speakers Samsung and have it connect to IP address of the speaker (s). SHM has some default announcements and use Big Talker for the rest.

SMR app? I’m just using the standard ST Android app? I’ve noticed Samsung are pushing a new app, but I’m kinda reluctant to start using that as it’s a kinda “if it’s not broke…” situation.

Samsung Multi Room Audio. You have to set up the speakers and connect them to your network before SmartThings can find them

Sorry it’s WAM, Wireless Audio Multiroom

Ah thanks yes, it was found very quickly once I installed that app thanks. ST can now see the speaker. I’m just now stuck on the installation instructions as it seems to be talking about an app I’m not using? The DTH and Smartapp installed perfectly in etc. but I’m a bit stuck after stage 5 of the install instructions