[OBSOLETE] Alexa Voice Notification smartapp - compatible with any Bluetooth/Sonos speaker

Aww, I got all excited thinking this could use the Echo directly. :slight_smile: Not some BT hack.

I wish there was a more direct solution too, I’m just impatient :smile:

You might change the topic to be more clear – this is really just ANY BT speaker playback via PC. I think it will confuse people.

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Nice program! I was just thinking how funny it would be to have VLC thing say, “Alexa, Simon says: Front Door Opened” though the PC speakers…then of course Alexa repeats that.

OK - about to try and set this up, I’ve got a MS Surface on the wall running SmartTiles and an Echo across the room. Is this the best solution for me to get ST announcements or should I look elsewhere? Also, what’s the best VLC setup for my MS Surface?

Thank you!

If you have a spare android phone laying around. Install smartthing app on it. Then install voice notify and Notifications Auto Clear from the app store. Pair it with echo and stuff that phone somewhere plug in where the sun dont shine. Notifications Auto Clear is to clear out smartthing notification immediately so you dont have to clear the notification.

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That’s an awesome idea. Do you use this with the Echo ?

Yes and it speaking use alexa voice not the phone so it’s very clear

How do you get it to speak with the Alexa voice though? If you have it go
through an android phone won’t it use the android tts engine voice?

its automatic dont have to do anything

This should not be happening… You may want to change the TTS voice to male to test this.

it’s using the Alexa voice because the mp3’s are recorded using that voice. The app isn’t actually performing TTS, it’s replaying pre recorded messages.

Oh Ok … It seems like a lot of work.

have you taken a look at this app?

Thanks, will check it out :slight_smile:

Hi, this is pretty cool. I am trying to get my Amazon Echo pairing with my Raspberry Pi 3 which has built in Bluetooth but I am not having any luck. If anyone has done that, I would appreciate some direction.

What Bluetooth USB device was used to get audio working like in the video?

I was trying this out and it looks like the Mp3s that were recorded are no longer available. I wasn’t quite sure how they were recorded in the first place. I really like the idea of being able to use Alexa’s voice. Can you please shed some more light on how that was done?

I am trying to use the Amazon Echo as a speaker for the Raspberry Pi. From your links, I think you are using another Bluetooth speaker?

correct, Im using another speaker at that time echo didnt allow alexa and bluetooth same time.

open Terminal, type sudo bluetoothctl then press enter and input the administrator password (the default password is raspberry).
Next, enter agent on and press enter. Then type default-agent and press enter.
Type scan on and press enter one more time. The unique addresses of all the Bluetooth devices around the Raspberry Pi will appear and look something like an alphanumeric XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX. If you make the device you want to pair discoverable (or put it into pairing mode), the device nickname may appear to the right of the address. If not, you will have to do a little trial and error or waiting to find the correct device.
To pair the device, type pair [device Bluetooth address]. The command will look something like pair XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX.
If you’re pairing a keyboard, you will need to enter a six-digit string of numbers. You will see that the device has been paired, but it may not have connected. To connect the device, type connect XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX.