The End of Groovy Has Arrived

How can you tell which devices have moved to Edge and off Groovy?

You can use Smart Lock Guest Access to manage your locks/codes if it is available in your region. Just go to the Life section to add it.

A temporary solution: that you can check out.

Rboy had several different smartapps for locks with different features. For example, there was one specifically for people managing multiple Airbnb rentals. Which one were you using?

If a device is using an edge driver, you can go into the SmartThings app, find the device, click on the small gear icon to see its details. If it says “driver“ there, it is using an edge driver.

See the community FAQ on edge for more information:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

Yep, You can’t trust what it says in the IDE as far as “placeholder.” My Thermostats transitioned quite a while ago. They originally said “place holder” in IDE but then went back to saying “Z-wave Thermostat” in the IDE. They are on an Edge driver, verified through the ST app… I only mention this in case some are using the IDE to check if devices have transitioned.


It looks like the Edge Zigbee Motion Sensor driver no longer supports firmware upgrades. I put an Iris v2 motion sensor with older firmware on SmartThings and after a few days, it is still not upgraded. Darn.

It never worked for me, assuming Samsung had a compatible firmware file for my Third Reality sensors.
Ended up upgrading them via Hubitat.

Sorry, I still don’t understand if Hue and Bose (both connected in Lan) will be migrated to Edge.

There is a Bose Edge driver is the ST beta channel.

Yes, I was try it. I went back to the original drive, it’s more stable. I’m waiting to see if it will migrate automatically. also because otherwise I would find two devices, because the one in the LAN continues to appear even if I delete it. also because otherwise I would find two devices, because the one in the LAN continues to appear even if I delete it

Possibly this Edge driver will work on your lock?

That along with the suggested SLGA work together.

Hope that helps.

Has anyone seen any more automatic migration of devices recently?

I’ve had no new migrations since before Christmas. March keeps marching on…

I have a number of Zooz ZEN27 and ZEN26 devices. About 2/3 of them have been auto-migrated, still have 8 to be done. Also have 4 GE/Jasco ZigBee devices not migrated although a couple have been.

Nothing for ~3-4 weeks for me. Out of 31 devices remaining:
ZEN25 (counts for 4 devices)
ZEN20 x2 (5 each)
Various Zooz ZW switch x4
Kwikset Zigbee lock
GE/Jasco Z-wave dimmers x2
Honeywell/Jasco Z-wave fan control
ST Presence Sensor
Z-wave outlet x2 - Monoprice 15654
Z-wave outlet x2 - Dome DMOF1
Z-wave dimming outlet - Centralite
Sylvania button
Xiaomi leak sensor x2

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I could be mistaken, but I believe that centralite only made Zigbee devices. No z-wave. :thinking:

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My guess is they probably are not doing any conversion while there are hub FW updates going on. But yes, still slow going. I am sure they convert a block then assess, rinse, repeat.

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I think they slowed down because of the fiasco when they automagicaly jacked up everyone’s locks.

You’re right, I was mixing these up with another. Definitely ZigBee.

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Some recent OTA firmware discussion here

Has the date for completion of the migration changed yet?

Last I heard, it was the end of Q1. Q1 ends in 3 weeks.

" Q1 of 2023

· Complete 1st Party DTH migrations

· Shutdown Graph IDE"

Like many, I still have some devices to go. Mostly, locks and vents and I need those to be stable so I do not want to move then on my own if locks are still a mess. I manually moved most of my devices to edge drivers, months ago.

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I got six blinds updated. The only change since December. 75% of my devices still to be migrated with 3 weeks to go.