The End of Groovy Has Arrived

I currently have 109 Zigbee and ZWave devices on Edge drivers. But quite a few of those are from me adding new physical devices that went straight to drivers. So the actual number converted by ST is less than 109.

This feels like that 99 bottles of beer song.

38 days until DTH migration
38 days until migration
Take a device, change its drivers
38 days until DTH migration


As long as they get in front of it and announce it, that’s fine. I was getting frustrated back in Oct and Nov when we didn’t hear anything.

Wow, that is a lot. I just counted and I only have 32, and half of those are simple Leviton Z-Wave light switches. And that’s spread over 2 hubs in 2 locations.

given the lack of testing they went through when migrating z-wave locks and z-wave switches, they may already be rushing the migration :grimacing:


:musical_note:37 days until the end of Groovy
37 days until full migration
Pick a device, and change its drivers
37 days until the end of Groovy:musical_note:


Still 34 devices not migrated on my side, not moving for weeks…

Could be nice to know if it’s normal of not, if we have the correct channel to be able to migrate
Pretty tough user experience so far…

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Zero devices converted by ST for me this week.

I still have 8 devices to convert, 4 Z-Wave outlet devices, 2 Zigbee ambient light sensors, Sonos Connect, and a WeMo WIFi outlet; all these still reporting as DTH drivers.

At this point, I have very little hope that they will get moved over to an Edge driver…

I have 17 unconverted “devices” out of 64 total. Five of my 17 are Sonos speaker groups.

Nothing has been migrated since about mid-December. There are 5 weeks to go before the most recently published target date.

I have hope!

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Couple device here that still haven’t migrated: I have 6 Zwave locks (all are Kwikset 916 and 912) and a Fortrezz water valve that still have migrated along with a zooz controller that I use for z-wave firmware upgrades. Beyond that a Zwave outlet is also still a straggler. The other one is the Weather device integration- that one isn’t as critical since they neutered compatibility with cloud based thermostats and the old thermostat control app in 2021.

That said, 100+ others have migrated. Only one’s I had issues with are the GE Fan controller that I had to move to philh30’s driver to get Alexa integration working with them again philh30s Jasco drive to get my GE motion sensor light switch working again.

I’ve still got some lingering problems with IKEA dial style battery operated dimmers not working quite right (they will dim and brighten but it is intermittent how they respond and I can’t get them to actually turn the light off anymore).

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Got excited when the Zwave blinds came over a week or two ago. But nothing since then. Still have almost 100 devices to move over. 29 out of 126 or 23% complete. At that rate, about 3 devices/ day would need to transfer to meet their current deadline. Although I’m guessing the low hanging fruit got done first.

This is probably the issue you are having with your dimmers:

I looked at that and mine is a different scenario.

I use the ikea rotary dial dimmers to control a bulb using the smart lighting mirror function… basically providing my with a physical butting approach to dealing with a smart bulb.

So I’m my case those ikea dimmer and the mirror function are just not working well.

Another week over and again, no additional conversions to Edge by ST for me.


I had a whole bunch of lights converted this week. The main device I haven’t had migrated left is my Z-Wave Lock. Maybe that’s a good thing as I’ve heard some horror stories.

:musical_note:28 days until the end of Groovy
28 days until full migration
Pick a device, and change its drivers
28 days until the end of Groovy :musical_note:

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All 6 of my Schlage locks got transitioned a couple days ago, kept routines and codes. I have Eaton switch that has not been moved yet.



The automated transition has been admittedly slower than I anticipated. There are periods of apparent inactivity, and then - boom -, a swath of devices transition to Edge. Probably seems to occur in binges to me b/c I’ve standardize on specific models for lightbulbs, sensors, locks, etc. Maybe some of you are in that same boat?

I have about 42 devices in all. As of this morning, only 8 devices remain on DTH. Those 8 devices actually represent only 3 unique device types. After months of ongoing anxiety thinking I may need to ditch ST, it’s looking like I’ll ultimately be able to keep ST and hopefully retain full prior functionality.

Here are some positive experiences that I wanted to share:

  • Kwikset 910 smartcode (zwave plus) lock transitioned today with ZERO regressions. I’m considering that a big win, as it’s obviously a key part of my home access/security and a number of other posts have had me worrying.
  • My Sengled RGB A19 bulbs were not only transitioned, but the Edge driver appears to have better functionality than my original DTH did: I’m able to achieve (what appears to be) significantly lower color temperatures and more color ranges. Setting my light to “candlelight,” for example, looked no different than “incandescent” on the DTH drivers…while the Edge driver is able to at least fenagle an 1800-2000K appearance. Not sure if it’s using color/brightness modes to simulate that or what… but I’m really happy with the change.
  • Response time on transitioned devices seems to have improved at least marginally.

My only real remaining worry are the Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensors throughout my home. They’re officially Monoprice-brand model 24259, which I’ve realized is just a rebranded Hank HKZW-DWS01. There are at least 2-3 unanswered posts from other owners of these sensors alluding similar concerns I have. Not sure if I’m going to be left with a batch of “THING” devices, but these are pretty critical to a number of automation/alerts and my security setup. So :crossed_fingers:t4:

The other 4 devices are some super cheap G10 RGBW’s. Two “ZLL RGBW Bulb” zigbees (Maker: Gledopto, Model: GL-S-007Z, Raw: 0B C05E 0210 02 07 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 0300 00) and two “ZigBee RGBW Bulb” (Maker: _TZ3210_rcggc0ys, Model: TS0505B, Raw: 01 0104 010D 01 09 0003 0004 0005 0006 1000 0008 0300 EF00 0000 02 0019 000A). I think @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's beta driver had at least one of these covered… so I’m hoping that ST ultimately bakes those device identifiers into their official driver.

Anywho… just wanted to share my experience, in case it helps balance some of the anxiety any of you might be feeling right now. =) Cheers


HELP!! While not a complete stooge when it comes to this stuff…i am not a developer etc……was using Rboys app….for my Schlage lock and user control…which i have lost when groovy was no longer groovy……anyone have a solution to get back my lock management…very disconcerting……