The End of Groovy Has Arrived

My locks migrated to edge drivers yesterday.
One a schlage
One a yale
Lutron caseta the last holdout

Lutron Caseta is a cloud to cloud integration at the time of this writing. It won’t need to migrate and it won’t use an Edge Driver. It’s a “linked service.”

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Thank you JD helpful as always.
Why do only one or two automations have the local check ?

I’m down to 16 Z-wave devices—all switches, dimmers, and fan controls. That’s an easily manageable number if I was inclined to migrate manually, but now I’m just curious to see how it all plays out. :wink:


So got a smart plug that was migrated yesterday and stopped working properly

Smart plug v6 by Aeon
I can’t control the on or off from the app
Tried a couple of installed drivers on my hub (aeontec, smartthings, mc)
Noting seem to work
I had another similar plug that was still on the DTH (that was still working), I excluded it and pair it again to the hub. Doesn’t work anymore

Seem a pretty basic migration, is there a way to see if there is an error somewhere ?

Use the Aeotec Edge driver and run a zwave repair before and after.

You may also have to exclude them and pair them again.

Does anyone happen to know if SmartThings will/still support updating (non-Hub) device firmware? My ST v2 HUB hasn’t always been particularly consistent/reliable in that regard depending upon the device, but I was hoping to trigger firmware updates for same-model devices to hopefully get them all running the same firmware. (Before you say ‘you don’t need to’, yes, I know… but my question stands.) Thank you =)

That’s what I did :frowning:

Will try the z-wave repair to see

This is being discussed in the beta for new hub firmware, and the short answer seems to be that they don’t know how to support it for the edge driver architecture. :thinking:

Here’s a comment from a smartthings engineer about the various issues. It at least shows that they are thinking about the issue.


The issues seems to be about 1) there is no central directory or repository for firmware; and 2) there is no way to guarantee that a firmware update is appropriate for the device and to prevent it from potentially bricking the device. This second point seems to be the more concerning.

Both of these seem orthogonal to Edge driver architecture.

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Hard to say without more details, but since the old architecture could and did do Zigbee over the air device firmware updates and the new one apparently doesn’t because of the issues discussed there does seem to be some correlation. :thinking:

Yeah… the sourcing/risk aspects totally make sense to me, especially for firmware update automation. I wonder if ST might be able to at least code in a manual “side-load” firmware update option for users who have taken steps to properly identify and solicit/download the appropriate firmware for their devices? (Like a ‘proceed at your own risk’ process, as some folks do with computer BIOS updates and the like.)

There are sometimes performance/feature optimizations and annoying glitch corrections that can make a compelling case for firmware updates. Having that ability native to ST would be great, as my alternative for some devices would only be to buy the manufacturer’s official device hub, unpairing select device(s) from ST, pairing them w/ the manufacturer’s hub, updating the firmware, then unpairing from the manuf. hub, and repairing those devices back to ST. (Not to mention potentially needing to do that again, if there are bugs in the new firmware or additional fixes later on.) Yuck! :face_vomiting:


Wondering, perhaps those risks existed in the old architecture, but weren’t readily apparent when it was deployed. Now that they are visiting OTA updates for Edge architecture, it could be that those risks are more obvious now than before. But then, what do I know? :slight_smile:


Just design a new hub that is capable of todays requirements rather than continually shoe horning everything into old technology…

A new hub natively capable of ALL standards inc Zwave that has enough memory for now and the future

It just feels like yesterdays tech is the problem, i love my V2 but its time for a shiney new SAMSUNG SMARTTHINGS hub

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Where can I preorder this :thinking:

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(and a way to migrate between hubs)


No need, register hub, sign in with your account, accept T&C and use either of the 2 options

  1. New setup
  2. Transfer existing account

Tap no 2… watch a fancy graphic, reboot in 3,2,1 auto start

Boom, job done

Welcome to Samsung Smartthings super hub :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Are you referring to the SmartThings Station hub?

SmartThings Station


The station is intended as a “matter hub.“ It has thread and Zigbee and Wi-Fi, but no zwave.

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