[ST Edge/Beta] Buttons and remotes Edge Driver (Aqara,IKEA,Tuya)

The Thirdreality button works fine on my end.


Hi all,

There were multiple requests lately, so please let me provide a short summary to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Recently added

  1. YOVDA Smart Button Zigbee (requested by @anewtoi)
    [ST Edge/Beta] Buttons and remotes Edge Driver (Aqara,IKEA,Tuya) - #12 by anewtoi

  2. Aqara Opple 4 Button WXCJKG12LM (requested by @Drknght4)
    [ST Edge/Beta] Buttons and remotes Edge Driver (Aqara,IKEA,Tuya) - #13 by Drknght4

  3. Tuya 2 buttons remote (requested by @7destiny)
    The device has a battery issue, waiting for the logs to investigate this

  4. Third Reality Smart Button (requested by @Buds_Smart_Home)
    Third Reality, Inc/3RSB22BZ
    [ST Edge/Beta] Buttons and remotes Edge Driver (Aqara,IKEA,Tuya) - #22 by Buds_Smart_Home

Pending requests:

  1. Ikea Symfonisk Knob (requested by @finner)
    [ST Edge/Beta] Buttons and remotes Edge Driver (Aqara,IKEA,Tuya) - #6 by finner

  2. Xiaomi Aqara Button WXKG11LM r2 (requested by @barrie)
    [ST Edge/Beta] Buttons and remotes Edge Driver (Aqara,IKEA,Tuya) - #24 by barrie

Did I miss anything?


Thank you for the update.

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Hello, I am new to this community and I’m looking for some guidance.

I am using a Tuya zigbee 3-gang switch, specifically the Moe’s brand switch. I downloaded the driver from @ygerlovin 's channel, but the switch does not function fully. I can only turn on all 3 gangs at the same time regardless of which switch I turn on.
Eg. I turn on switch 2, and all 3 switches turn on. Does anybody have an idea on how to fix this? Let me know if I need to provide more details, thanks in advance!

Is this device that can be rotated to adjust brightness or volume? Because If you can make it work then I have similar device from Lidl but there is no driver for that particular device.

That’s the one. There was another driver I found for it, but have had difficulties with it. I’ve also had to set it up with bracketed condition routines; so, if toggled up and volume is 0-2%, set volume to 4%. I’ve had to create a whole lot of these (and have only bothered to go to 20% volume) as there’s no other way to just ‘adjust volume up/down’ (or brightness), which would be ideal. @ygerlovin Would this even be possible?

Hi @Sakari and @finner

I think it is currently not possible from the app, but may be can be achieved with Rules API.
Please see here

Keep us posted with this. I have 3 of them controlling my sonos systems. It’d be cool to have them working with ST


Thank you Yakov Gerlovin

Can you please add the following:

Raw description is:
01 0104 0401 00 04 0000 0001 0003 0500 03 0003 0019 0501

* manufacturer: HEIMAN
* model:  RC-EM 

and the alternatives:

Dear @ygerlovin ,
Can you lease have a look on that one as well:
ST have something but middle button always pressed. Custom driver is prefered @eli_doron

Hi @dotan_shai ,

Looks like it is using IAS cluster and I’m not sure how to decode this.
I will need a log with all buttons pressed for this one.

If that is the 5-button remote, the Zigbee Button Edge driver works fine with it.

The Main button area will always show “pressed” regardless of which button pressed.

You need to scroll down the page to see the individual areas for all 5 buttons.

Button 1 is for increasing the light level, button 3 is to decrease it.

Button 2 is the right arrow, button 4 is the left arrow.

Button 5 is the center button.

The IKEA 5 buttons remote works but it ran out of battery in a day or two, so i have given up

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Thanks @BlackRose67
You are right! Everything work well as you described. The battery last, in @eli_doron case for few years.
@ygerlovin, please ignore no driver is required

Hi @ygerlovin
Can you add this fingerprint , I have the same 4 buttons with different fingerprints working good with your driver so I think it should work.
Than you


Hi @Sylvain ,

I added
_TZ3000_wkai4ga5 / TS0044 to the driver, version 1.3.5.
Please let me known whether it works for you.

Can you please add another one
Lonsonho ZBWS03 3-button remote.

    "modelId": "TS0043",
    "manufacturerName": "_TZ3000_w4thianr"

Thank you @ygerlovin ,

modelId": “TS0043”,
“manufacturerName”: “_TZ3000_w4thianr”

This device perfectly works.

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Thank you ,
It’s is working good , but I dont know if the battery report is ok , they both show 66 %,I will try to put a new battery in and see …