Feedback on Edge Drivers

So I have been slowly converting over from DTHs to edge drivers as they become available for my devices. I have some feedback and comments:

  • In general edge drivers when seem faster to me than local DTH. I’m not sure if this is actually true but they do seem very responsive to me.

  • The Smartthings Zibgee Button edge driver when used with the Ikea two-button remote works pretty good but seems to have problems if you press buttons too rapidly in succession. If you do this it seems to stop receiving commands and timeouts eventually. If you wait a few seconds and try again it seems to start working again

  • The Smartthings Zibgee Button edge driver when used with the Ikea five-button remote is very flaky. Automations don’t seem to stay tied with the buttons assigned. I have been unable to get the remote stable enough to use. More interestingly I don’t see a way to move this one back to a DTH without doing the same for my other 2 button Ikea remotes that are working.

  • The driver list in Smarthigns app ‘driver’ menu needs to include the channel name in addition to the device name. For example, Samsung has a Zigbee Button driver and iquix has one named the same as well. I can’t tell from the current UI which is which.

  • Under driver information the Developer is listed as their GUID rather than a human-readable name

Overall I like where this edge driver system is going. Looking forward to when more automation features are local as well.

This is a UI plug-in bug affecting all multi button devices.

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