[ST Edge/Beta] Buttons and remotes Edge Driver (Aqara,IKEA,Tuya)



This driver is for different buttons/remotes.

The driver currently supports only binding to the hub. Zigbee groups are not supported by this driver.

Signal Strength

The devices, created by this driver will show Signal strength (LQI/RSSI) in detailed view.

Link Quality Indication (LQI) is a cumulative value used in multi-hop networks to assess the cost of a link.

Received Signal Strength (RSSI) is a measure of incoherent (raw) RF power in a channel.

The LQI will be shown as reported by the hub, without any transformation (i.e. will have 0-255 range).

Good values for strong network are above 150.

Similarly, RSSI values are not transformed.

RSSI value above -60 dbm (i.e -59 and higher) indicates a strong network.

For values below -70 dbm adding Zigbee repeaters should be considered.

Please refer to Microchip’s article for more details.

Battery voltage

Some devices report the battery voltage, instead of remaining battery (in %).

Whether supported by the device, Battery voltage measurement will be shown in the detailed view.

User selectable actions

Some devices support more events that might be required by a user. It is usually not a problem for a single button. However, for 6 buttons, showing all options makes a very long detailed view. Therefore, for selected devices, the driver allows to hide unused actions.

Go to “Settings” in the right corner and enable the required actions to fit your needs.

You might need to exit the detailed view or even to close the app to see the changes.

Supported devices

Brand               | Model        | Type                                | Fingerprint
Aqara Opple         | WXCJKG13LM   | 6 buttons remote                    | LUMI/lumi.remote.b686opcn01
IKEA                | E1812        | Tradfri Shortcut Button             | IKEA of Sweden/TRADFRI SHORTCUT Button
IKEA                | E2001/E2002  | 4 buttons remote                    | IKEA of Sweden/Remote Control N2
Tuya                |              | 1 button remote                     | _TZ3000_itb0omhv/TS0041
Tuya (Benexmart)    |              | 1 button remote                     | _TZ3000_tk3s5tyg/TS0041
Zemismart           | ZM-RM02      | 6 buttons remote                    | _TZE200_zqtiam4u/TS0601


Please install

Zigbee Button Remote Driver [YG] from the following channel



Aqara buttons

Name Aqara Opple Wireless Scene Switch 6 Button WXCJKG13LM
Type 6 buttons remote
Supported actions
User selectable:
Held, Double pressed, Toggled up
Battery Not user replacable

Pairing Aqara Opple Wireless Scene Switch 6 Button WXCJKG13LM

The pairing button is located on the backside of the device.

  1. From ST APP, press "+" sign in the upper right corner
  2. Select "Add device"
  3. Find "Scan for nearby devices" and press "Scan". This will put the hub into pairing mode
  4. Press and hold pairing button until the led starts blinking
  5. Keep pressing pairing button every 1-2 seconds until the device is shown in the app

It may take several attempts to successfully pair the device

IKEA buttons

Name Tradfri Shortcut Button E1812 Styrbar Remote Control
Type Single button 4 buttons remote
Supported actions Pressed
User selectable:
Held, Toggled up
Battery CR2032 2x AAA
Comments E1812 - 403.563.81 E2002 - white, 604.883.66
E2001 - stainless steel, 004.680.45

Pairing IKEA Tradfri Shortcut Button E1812

The pairing button is hidden and is located near the battery. The back cover should be removed to access it.

  1. From ST APP, press "+" sign in the upper right corner
  2. Select "Add device"
  3. Find "Scan for nearby devices" and press "Scan". This will put the hub into pairing mode
  4. Quickly press pairing button on the device 4 times (or more) until the led starts blinking

Pairing IKEA Styrbar Remote Control E2001/E2002

The pairing button is hidden and is located near the battery. The back cover should be removed to access it.

The instructions are similar to E1812.

Known issues

IKEA’s battery reporting might be inaccurate.

The driver tries to mitigate this by showing battery voltage measurement, in addition to remaining battery.

The driver handles both BatteryVoltage and BatteryPercentageRemaining reportings under PowerConfiguration cluster.

If BatteryPercentageRemaining report is received, only Battery is updated.

If BatteryVoltage report is received, both Voltage and Battery capabilities are updated. The voltage is assumed to be in 2.1-3.0V range,

the percentage will be calculated lineary based on received voltage.

Additional Resources

Tuya remotes

Name Wireless Scene Switch Benexmart Wireless Scene Switch
Model _TZ3000_itb0omhv ZM-sui1
Type 1 buttons remote 1 buttons remote
Supported actions Pressed, Double pressed,Held Pressed, Double pressed,Held

Zemismart remotes

Name Zemismart Tuya Zigbee 6 Gang Wireless Remote Control
Type 4 buttons remote
Supported actions Pressed, Double pressed,Held

Additional Resources

Change log


Added support for Benexmart (Tuya) _TZ3000_tk3s5tyg/TS0041 Wireless Scene Switch


Added support for Tuya _TZ3000_itb0omhv/TS0041 Wireless Scene Switch
Many thanks to @Trakker2 for his work on TS004x devices and for his enormous contributions to the community

v1.1 2022-04-21T10:25:46.304649Z

Added support for IKEA E2001/E2002 STYRBAR remotes

v1.0 2022-04-16T18:55:49.408654Z

Initial version


I thought Ikea button only has two options, pressed and held. What does this toggled up mean?

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@Sakari toggled up is sent to notify the button is released after being held. This allows to get the time the button was held (i.e. the elapsed time between held and toggled up events).

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Depending on what it’s connected to, it has three options; Press, Double Press, Long Press (Held)

This seemingly looks like a better option than the Ikea Styrbar Remote driver to be able to use together with other conditions. For example using buttons for incremental changes in devices, such as changing volume for Sonos speaker in steps.

My question may be more related to SmartThings in general. But there is no way to use a condition like volume => 31 AND volume =< 44)? That way, whenever the left button is pressed, if volume is anywhere from 31-44, then it turns it down to 30, etc.

It seems I can’t use the volume condition for the Sonos more than once either, to do higher than and lower than as two conditions. I can do this using SharpTools, but then it will be in the cloud.

Firstly, this is brilliant thank you! Agree that this looks to be better than the Ikea Styrbar Remote driver.

I’m only seeing pressed + held for the Styrbar, though it was suggested above that this should also have double pressed?

Would it be possible to also get the Ikea Symfonisk Knob added too?

I’ve been trying to achieve similar recently - there’s an option for range with routines, so; if volume = 0-5, change volume to 8… if volume = 6-10, etc.

It just seems incredibly tedious to set up though, if you want to have a reasonable level of fine adjustment - and a lot routines to manage. I wonder if we’ll ever get the option to adjust +/- x%, for volume or lighting.

@ygerlovin would this switch work with Tuya 1 button remote driver (_TZ3000_itb0omhv/TS0041)?

Hi @Hafo,

I’m not sure I understand the question.
What is the fingerprint of your device?

I would like to buy a tuya switch from aliexpress that would work with your driver. Is it possible to get a link to buy the switch?

With Tuya devices it is a lottery. Even if you buy 2 devices that look absolutely the same from the same seller, they could have different firmware and fingerprints.
I personally don’t own such devices, so can’t recommend a seller or specific listing.

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hello , would it be possible to add this button to your driver?

Smart Button Zigbee, YOVDA Zigbee 3.0 Smart Switch Compatible with Smart Life and Alexa-home, 3 Switch Control Modes, Wireless Activation of Smart Home Devices, Requires Hub https://a.co/d/aQnUbUU

• application: 42
• endpointId: 01
• manufacturer: _TZ3000_f97vq5mn
• model: TS0041
01 0104 0000 01 03 0000 0001 0006 02 0019 000A

@ygerlovin i was able to pair the Aqara Opple 6 button with no problem. Any chance there’s a driver for the 4 button? WXCJKG12LM?

Everytime I try to add the 4 button one it’s added as a Zigbee Thing but when I try to switch the driver nothing comes up. TIA

Hi, would it be possible to add tuya 2&3 buttons remote?

Hi @anewtoi ,

Are you able to pair it to ST as a ‘Thing’?

Hi ygerlovin,
yes, it pairs as a thing but no functionality. and no other drivers show as available to change to

@anewtoi ,
If it pairs, I will see what I can do

Ok, Let me know if you need any info

Hello @ygerlovin,

Today I’m removing and adding the devices, to be updated with ST EDGE, but I have some problem with one Ikea button:

My button Tradfri Shortcut Button E1812, is able to connect to Smartthings.

It’s using the driver: ZigBee Button Remote Driver [YG] 1.2.7.

But no actions. Everytime I press, there is no feedback on Smartthings.

There is something I can do?

Thank you.

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@dcnilas11 please provide the logs from the driver

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