[ST Edge/Beta] Buttons and remotes Edge Driver (Aqara,IKEA,Tuya)

Hello @ygerlovin,

Today I’m removing and adding the devices, to be updated with ST EDGE, but I have some problem with one Ikea button:

My button Tradfri Shortcut Button E1812, is able to connect to Smartthings.

It’s using the driver: ZigBee Button Remote Driver [YG] 1.2.7.

But no actions. Everytime I press, there is no feedback on Smartthings.

There is something I can do?

Thank you.

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@dcnilas11 please provide the logs from the driver

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Hi @ygerlovin,

I was trying to understand were I could find that logs. But I couldn’t.

Can you tell me where I can find them, to send to you?

Thank you.

Hi @ygerlovin ,

Today I deleted the device and re-added it again, and is all working well.

I’m sorry to take your time. :wink:

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Yakov Gerlovin is it possible to add this Third Reality Smart Button to the driver?

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide.

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Dear all,
I will be on vacation with limited connectivity till the first week of Oct and will not be able to answer your questions or requests.
Thank you for your understanding

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Would it be possible to add a Xiaomi Aqara Button WXKG11LM r2 to the Edge Driver?

Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 5.23.31 PM

Hi Barrie,
Not sure if the r2 makes a difference but my aqara button is linked to “Zigbee Button by iquix”. after changing to that driver the name changed iirc to Aqara Switch WXKG11LM

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Have a great vacation Yakov.

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I have most of the Aqara switches in my driver

Thanks for your email,

My Aqara button is WXKG11LM the one on your list is WXCJKG11LM, is there any chance that you have an extra CJ?

Thanks for your email. Not sure that I understand, do you mean that another driver other than WXKG11LM would work?

not sure which driver youre currently using, but you mentioned device WXKG11LM r2, i was saying my device was WXKG11LM and was working with the driver titled “Zigbee Button by iquix”

Xiaomi Aqara Opple Wireless Scene Switch 2 Button (WXCJKG11LM) Zigbee compatibility this one should pair

Hi anewtoi,

Where did you get your Edge Driver for Zigbee Button by iquix”?


try this
(Channel and Drivers Web UI)

Hi @ygerlovin,

I am having the same problem as @dcnilas11 with the IKEA Tradfri Shortcut button E1812. However my problem did not resolve after deleting and reinstalling several times.

Could you direct me to where I might find the logs you speak of so that I can send them to you.


Hi @Shane_Brewer

Please see here

I have a 4-buttons remote successfully detected by smartthings (driver: zigbee button)
However nothing happens when a button is pressed.
here are the informations I was able to gather using the cli:

name: four-buttons-battery
label: HEIMAN Remote Control
deviceManufacturerCode: HEIMAN
deviceModel: SceneSwitch-EM-3.0
ocfDeviceType: x.com.st.d.remotecontroller

When I press a button, here are the logs of the driver:

2022-10-09T11:56:26.997103674+00:00 TRACE Zigbee Button  Received event with handler zigbee
2022-10-09T11:56:27.001104007+00:00 DEBUG Zigbee Button  Missing command arg transition_time for deserializing RecallScene
2022-10-09T11:56:27.004766174+00:00 INFO Zigbee Button  <ZigbeeDevice: e20776a9-82a7-4a90-8bf0-fba287ec8056 [0xB07D] (HEIMAN Remote Control)> received Zigbee message: < ZigbeeMessageRx || type: 0x01, < AddressHeader || src_addr: 0xB07D, src_endpoint: 0x01, dest_addr: 0x0010, dest_endpoint: 0xFF, profile: 0x0104, cluster: Scenes >, lqi: 0xFF, rssi: -36, body_length: 0x0006, < ZCLMessageBody || < ZCLHeader || frame_ctrl: 0x01, seqno: 0x4D, ZCLCommandId: 0x05 >, < RecallScene || group_id: 0x0010, scene_id: 0x02 > > >
2022-10-09T11:56:27.019645465+00:00 DEBUG Zigbee Button  HEIMAN Remote Control device thread event handled
2022-10-09T11:56:31.993225299+00:00 DEBUG Zigbee Button  driver device thread event handled

Can you see what is going wrong? Thanks!

Hi @Christophe_Delhorbe

Please post your question in the thread for the driver you’re using.

I didn’t reallize I was not in the smartthings zigbee button driver thread, sorry about that.