[ST Edge/Beta] Zigbee Switch Driver - supports Aqara Dual channel module (LLKZMK11LM)


The driver supports Aqara 2 Gangs module.
It is written as a generic zigbee switch, so theoretically it should work with anything, implementing 0006 cluster. However, I only have Aqara modules, so wasn’t able to test it with anything else.

For Aqara LLKZMK11LM the device will have the following functionality:

  • Main switch that controls both channels. It will be on if either channel is on. Otherwise, if both channels are off it also will be off. Switching it on will turn on both channels, the same is for off
  • Switch 1 that controls the first gang
  • Switch 2 that controls the second gand
  • Power measurement (combined for both channels)
  • Energy measurement (combined)
  • Voltage measurement
  • Current measurement
  • Temperature measurement with calibration
  • Signal strength (LQI/RSSI)
  • Interlock mode support (when only single gang can be on. Turning a gang on will automatically turn off another gang, if it is on)
    The dashboard shows only the main switch


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@ygerlovin are going to add other Aqara devices?

Currently, I don’t have other Aqara devices, so will not be able to test.
As the next step, I plan to add support for Tuya switches


Known issues:

  1. No support for child devices. This is current Edge’s limitation
  2. Not possible to change gang names. This is current Edge’s limitation
  3. The order of components in automation view is random. This is current Edge’s limitation
  4. No names for switches in automation view, so it is hard to tell which On/Off event corresponds to which switch. Seems to be current Edge limitation
  5. It is not possible to setup 2 way automation:
    To configure a virtual switch to turn on/off Aqara and to configure Aqara to feedback the virtual switch.
    I’m looking into solution to this
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could you please share the github link. we need more examples of the edge drivers to pick up best practices and see what is possible

Update: supports only Aqara/LLKZMK11LM switch, the generic switch support was removed

Would you please give me the driver for * QBKG25LM Wall Switch (Without Neutral, Triple Rocker)

Many thanks