Aqara Door Sensor Paired as a Switch

I have an Aqara Door Sensor that pairs to my 2018 hub as a Switch. The edge driver is a generic switch which cannot be changed to a edge contact sensor. The edge drivers are all installed on my hub but for some reason this the aoo doesn’t show other edge drivers as options to change to.

Same issue. I have deleted and re added several times. The door/window sensor usually shows offline.

I think I may have commented on this elsewhere as it is certainly familiar.

If the Aqara sensor isn’t a certified product it will only be able to match stock drivers on generic fingerprints (so clusters rather than manufacturer and model). The sensor I am familiar with uses the Zigbee On/Off Cluster to report the open/close so that is why it will match with the Zigbee Switch driver.

To be offered an alternative driver there would have to be another one which matched the fingerprints and it would also have to also default to using On/Off to be useful.

Your best bit is to search the forum for suitable drivers. The model number would be a good search term. You can also quote it here and someone may see it.

Yea mine has gone offline too.

Ok thanks for your reply. I’m sure it is certified. It’s the T1 model that shows in the app.

I was hoping edge drivers would solve issues like this. Thanks again, I’ll keep looking.

Ah, right. Yes, that does sound odd. Provided your model identifies with the manufacturer LUMI and the model lumi.magnet.agl02 it looks like it should be recognised for the Zigbee Contact driver.

I’ve probably tied myself in a knot conflating different devices as I can’t find the one I was talking about.

What was bothering me was that model number and now I know why. All the earlier models I have seen, and a reference to the T1 elsewhere, use sensor_magnet not magnet.

Ah ok. Mine is a lumi.sensor_magnet.aq2 by LUMI

That’s how the MCCGQ11LM identified but that is the first Aqara branded contact sensor and predates anything sold as a T1 by quite some time.

Ah ok. Thanks.

If you do see a model number in a format similar to MCCGQ11LM on Aqara sensors that can be very useful for searching for info.

Ok thanks a lot for your help and time.