[ST Edge/Beta] Buttons and remotes Edge Driver (Aqara,IKEA,Tuya)

@ygerlovin would this switch work with Tuya 1 button remote driver (_TZ3000_itb0omhv/TS0041)?

Hi @Hafo,

I’m not sure I understand the question.
What is the fingerprint of your device?

I would like to buy a tuya switch from aliexpress that would work with your driver. Is it possible to get a link to buy the switch?

With Tuya devices it is a lottery. Even if you buy 2 devices that look absolutely the same from the same seller, they could have different firmware and fingerprints.
I personally don’t own such devices, so can’t recommend a seller or specific listing.

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hello , would it be possible to add this button to your driver?

Smart Button Zigbee, YOVDA Zigbee 3.0 Smart Switch Compatible with Smart Life and Alexa-home, 3 Switch Control Modes, Wireless Activation of Smart Home Devices, Requires Hub https://a.co/d/aQnUbUU

• application: 42
• endpointId: 01
• manufacturer: _TZ3000_f97vq5mn
• model: TS0041
01 0104 0000 01 03 0000 0001 0006 02 0019 000A

@ygerlovin i was able to pair the Aqara Opple 6 button with no problem. Any chance there’s a driver for the 4 button? WXCJKG12LM?

Everytime I try to add the 4 button one it’s added as a Zigbee Thing but when I try to switch the driver nothing comes up. TIA

Hi, would it be possible to add tuya 2&3 buttons remote?

Hi @anewtoi ,

Are you able to pair it to ST as a ‘Thing’?

Hi ygerlovin,
yes, it pairs as a thing but no functionality. and no other drivers show as available to change to

@anewtoi ,
If it pairs, I will see what I can do

Ok, Let me know if you need any info

Hello @ygerlovin,

Today I’m removing and adding the devices, to be updated with ST EDGE, but I have some problem with one Ikea button:

My button Tradfri Shortcut Button E1812, is able to connect to Smartthings.

It’s using the driver: ZigBee Button Remote Driver [YG] 1.2.7.

But no actions. Everytime I press, there is no feedback on Smartthings.

There is something I can do?

Thank you.

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@dcnilas11 please provide the logs from the driver

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Hi @ygerlovin,

I was trying to understand were I could find that logs. But I couldn’t.

Can you tell me where I can find them, to send to you?

Thank you.

Hi @ygerlovin ,

Today I deleted the device and re-added it again, and is all working well.

I’m sorry to take your time. :wink:

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Yakov Gerlovin is it possible to add this Third Reality Smart Button to the driver?

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide.

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Dear all,
I will be on vacation with limited connectivity till the first week of Oct and will not be able to answer your questions or requests.
Thank you for your understanding

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Would it be possible to add a Xiaomi Aqara Button WXKG11LM r2 to the Edge Driver?

Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 5.23.31 PM

Hi Barrie,
Not sure if the r2 makes a difference but my aqara button is linked to “Zigbee Button by iquix”. after changing to that driver the name changed iirc to Aqara Switch WXKG11LM

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Have a great vacation Yakov.

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I have most of the Aqara switches in my driver