Smartthings Hardware being licensed to Aeotec?

Apologies if this has already been posted (or is in the wrong topic). Any credit to this claim?


Seems like it may indeed be true…

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I think this is different, SmartThings has different programs, one of them is a Works As Smartthings Hub (WASH) certification. This is for third party manufacturer who want to embed a smarthings hub into their hardware. Example, ADT and NVidia Shield. This may be part of that program.


It’s being discussed in the forum:


But the truth is we don’t know which way it’s going. It could be that they are going to hand off the hub development which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Or it could be like the Nvidia shield where it’s more like ecobee including Alexa in their light switch.

Or it could even just be for some countries, which they already did in Europe with Vodafone.

For now, we just know that Aeotec branded and supported versions of the hub have in fact been certified. But we don’t know what the business model is.


All i’ll say is that tweet is not totally accurate :zipper_mouth_face:


Aeotec certified a Z-wave/Zigbee hub running under smartthings platform. Did i get it right?

Yes, but I think the key information is being overlooked. The product identifier IM6001-V3P22 is that of the V3 hub.


@Automated_House Now that you teased us, care to elaborate further on what you know?

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As others have mentioned, it’s the same model number as the existing V3 hub, so to me it looks like they just “rebadged it”, that is put a new logo on it.

The user manual submitted with the certification document is the smartthings manual: it even references the smartthings classic app.

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From another Thread on hubs being out of stock…

Only if third party manufacturers are going to design and build it, apparently. :wink:

This seems to fall in line with what was hinted a few months ago in that podcast…Samsung is getting out of the smart home hardware business and will focus on the cloud platform/API. Looks like it will be up to third parties to build the hardware, including the hubs for users who want Z-wave and Zigbee devices.

I have to believe a formal announcement will be forthcoming.

Hmmm… This scares me more than anything else Samsung has done lately. And they have done a lot of stuff, all not so good in the short term for supposed long term gain no one will really know works until it happens. If they are no longer responsible for the hub, then will they really care if in future iterations of the SmartThings platform, API, whatever that they will be quick to help 3rd parties update the firmware when stuff breaks or just needs updating?

I’m not a software guy, just a big tinkerer with this stuff that cant live without WebCore. I just went from 30% thinking about Hubitat to about 90% in the course of the last 10 minutes. It saddens me to be fair but hey, life is always full of changes I guess. :unamused:

One thing I would bet my house on is that in the future that new Samsung TV you buy will be able to talk to that new Samsung refrigerator on WiFi via the Smarthings App. But will your Z-wave devices work via a (now, apparently) soon to be 3rd party Hub?


What ever samsung has planned, I wish we could.know now. I k how once I leave samsung im.out of their ecosystem completely. Not only with the smart home but with my phone, future tv purchases & even though I just purchased my samsung appliances last year, they replaced again with non Samsung brand.
I think they should at least share what tje hell they have planned with the community…they owe at least that much to their samsung base.

I haven’t paid attention to the manufacturer. That makes a lot of sense

Samsung has already announced their plans with regards to SmartThings hardware. They won’t be doing it in the future. They announced months ago they will be moving towards a platform-only model. Very similar to Alexa and Google Home in several ways.

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oh shit, better tell the newbies before they get in head over heels.

looks at habitat hub sitting on shelf waiting to be plugged in

the good news though is that 99% of your zigbee and zwave devices will work with other hubs.

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:thinking: ?


Not really seeing the comparison…


I’m talking about in general. I remember that announcement. Are they getting rid of the hub, are they coming out with a new hub, which was.mentioned the other day? Will the alexa skill be fixed soon? All these wonderful things that they spoke about at their developers conference…when will we see.that? Will they get custom capabilities working soon so we can utilize the additional features in our devices?..not just on & off…meaning just bare bones…nothing else.
Everything has been beyond crazy with getting rid.of the classic app & old alexa skill…& I dont think its roo much to ask to just let us know what’s going on instead of radio silence.
I have been reading the hubitat forums & it reminds me of the old smartthings forums before everyone started fleeing.

several ways…and some not so similar. speakers and streaming devices being the obvious difference. But Alexa doesn’t sell sensors for it Echo devices, Google doesn’t sell bluetooth sensors for it speaker devices, neither makes a stand alone hub…

Sure it does.

Under the Echo brand:

And under the Ring brand:

And even more are coming once sidewalk is released, I believe those will also be under the Ring brand. And they will not require the ring base station, they can work just with one of the new echo devices as the “sidewalk bridge.“

oh MEOW!!!

the heat just got turn UPPPPP

Fair points! But none of those use the zigbee hub in the Echo devices.

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