V3 Hub out of stock

V3 hubs is out of stock everywhere in Canada and in some stores in US (Amazon, for example).
Are we that close to a V4 hub?

or as @Automated_House pointed out somewhere in this forum…



Only if third party manufacturers are going to design and build it, apparently. :wink:

This seems to fall in line with what was hinted a few months ago in that podcast…Samsung is getting out of the smart home hardware business and will focus on the cloud platform/API. Looks like it will be up to third parties to build the hardware, including the hubs for users who want Z-wave and Zigbee devices.

I have to believe a formal announcement will be forthcoming.


Oh Lord. If that happens I hope it works better than their Switch 6, Gen 5 :grin:.

If smartthings just becomes a cloud API it offers no value over Alexa or Google Home. I’m not really sure what management is thinking these days.

Are we beyond the point where we can chalk this up to COVID-related supply chain backups?

I’m slow on the uptake… it took me three looks to realize that page has the SmartThings V3 hub yet says “Brand Name: Aeotec” and “Aeotec” on the outside of the box.


Version listed is the same one for V3 ( IM6001-V3P22 ).
It looks like they are only certifying V3 hub for enhanced security.

Get ready for your software / cloud subscription…