Smartthings Hardware being licensed to Aeotec?

stock might start going down now that the cat is out of the bag.

IMHO all the downsides with SmartThings this year have been from changes to the platform. This doesn’t bode well.

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This reddit thread explores much of the evidence.

Briefly, this Twitter posts indicate a public announcement within days, I suspect.

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Stock as in the stock market? Highly unlikely: Samsung is a huge global conglomerate and the entire smartthings business isn’t even a blip in terms of either sales or profits. Artik was a bigger project with a broader footprint, and it was discontinued with barely a whisper from the analysts the follow the company.

If you mean stock as in inventory stock of the V3 hub, maybe.

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#4 got reversed. They don’t show in the SmartThings mall anymore. But it proves brands other than SmartThings and Samsung can show up there…


When they first started, they sold GE switches from the smartthings site. I think that ended when it moved over to the Samsung site.

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Oh, good point! I hadn’t checked recently. I do remember for some time, the “Featured Brands” in the app included them. I had thought, “Ah, must be a marketing deal.”

  • Samsung
  • SmartThings
  • Samsung Harmon Kardon
  • Aeotec

Now Aeotec and Harmon Kardon have been removed. So far, the Aeotec CEO’s Twitter likes and Phil_S_UK’s tweet are still there, haha, so perhaps Aeotec is more eager to be public than Samsung.


Not that it’s especially noteworthy, but Aeotec’s official account retweeted Phil_S_UK’s post acknowledging Aeotec feels suited for Samsung’s hub hardware.

Likewise, their latest reweet has some interesting SEO metadata, mentioning a “Aeotec Smart Home Hub”:

The Popp & Co. link then mentions,

whether it’s a full SmartThings Hub or a gateway powered-by the SmartThings platform

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Just saying…


Aeotec makes great devices! They seem to know hardware! I’m seeing more pros than cons here…

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So, Aeotec is not on the CHoIP participant list, but Samsung Electronics is?

Considering Aeotec’s current product offering is strictly Z-wave, doesn’t really feel like a good thing to me. UNLESS, this is playing out to be CHoIP competition. I kind of doubt it though… I mean, Aeotec isn’t that big of a company, right?

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I’m just gonna say it…everything going on right now with smartthings …this is really just one big mess…thank you Samsung.

The MultiSensor 6 has been terrible for me. Terrible range, slow to respond, and slowing my Zwave network. I have a Zniffer and found the MS6 is running at 9.6 speeds even though it is a Plus device and the rest of my network is Plus. I provided those logs to their support and they responded at first but would never follow up claiming it is supposed to behave like that. If there was another manufacturer of a similar device with an in ceiling mount I would get rid of these immediately.

Plus their devices are ridiculously expensive. I am not a fan.


Their Switch 6, Gen 5 brought my mesh to its knees. They weren’t cheap either.


Yeesh. :flushed: Maybe I’m just a half-full person. I only have the clamp metering thingy which hasn’t given me any issues.

And to be fair, same here.

I have used their Minimote, Gen 1 Power/Energy Meter, and a Gen5 Multisensor. None of which are still in use in my home…:wink: The Gen 5 Multisensor crapped out after about 6 months of use. I replaced the power/energy meter with an IoTaWatt device, which is much better. The Minimote’s rechargeable battery eventually gave up, and is not designed to be replaced…

So, I am not much of a fan of EARLY Aeotec devices. I have no experience with any of their current products.

Contrast this to Centralite - whose products are all still running smoothly in my home 6+ years later. I have come to strongly prefer Zigbee over Z-Wave. My guess is that it has something to do with my experience with early Aeotec and early GE/Jasco devices. These all had a high failure rate in my experience. I now use Lutron and Zigbee for almost all of my devices.


Here’s the article from June in case anyone needs a refresher

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If they are the only company with responsibility for the hub, I would be concerned about Zigbee development. Aeotec just has never done anything in that area.


Project CHIP so far has been a combination of zigbee and IP addressable protocols, primarily Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Aeotec doesn’t do any of those, it’s been strictly Z wave from the beginning. so it’s understandable that up until now they haven’t been interested in project chip, which of course is very new.

Presumably if they took over smartthings hub development they would be more likely to participate in project chip.

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