Aeotec Smartthings hub US (now available)


i’m very curious to see if the price remains this high once demand slows down and the supply chain is filled

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My experience has been that the popp site is priced high for all products except clearance. That’s not uncommon with device manufacturers, they let their retailers discount the manufacturer price.

So we may have to wait and see what they sell for on Amazon.

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interesting, I’ve never shopped Popp. I bet it won’t be back down to $70, though. I’d wager Amazon ends up at $100-120. There isn’t much cheaper on the market unless you go with Ezlo, Amazon Echo or a Rasberry Pi based system.

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Agreed. :sunglasses:

This is typical for the popp site, though, their price for the Aeotec dimmer is $10 higher than Amazon.


For that price you should just buy a hubitat hub


I’m starting to theorize that the goal is to push the advanced users to abandon the platform so they no longer have to pay to support them


Amazon price is the same, however it still shows old Samsung brand, but states that will be back on 2/18

That’s like week away

this is the one you are looking for I believe…

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No reason to theorize, they openly admitted to it years ago. The fact that I had a few devices not reconnect after a power outage. I can’t reconnect them because I’ve " exceeded the maximum number of devices" removed any doubt.

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Where did they admit to it?

About 2-3 years ago when they were still active in this forum. Their target consumer has 12-20 devices connected to the hub, the people who have 100, 200+ devices are a small fringe group and not their primary concern.

Yeah, the problem is they tolerated us before. Now they seem to want us gone.

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I’ve already replaced with Hubitat at the bar, but that was easy with only about a dozen switches, 2 thermostats and a lock. I’m still dreading having to do the house, some of those automations are so old I can’t even remember what they are. LOL :joy:
:poop: Just worked. Now with no way to reconnect when device falls off, they’re forcing my hand even harder.

Anyway, I’m more interested in the sensors and buttons coming back, what’s the status on those? Anyone found them in a us or canadian store?

I would just like some water leak sensors… That are under $25 USD like the old ST branded ones.


you can sign up for aeotec’s newsletter and hopefully they will notify you when new products are released

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It is now available to order on Amazon $120


And hubitat is what, 130? I see where this is going.

I’ve been holding out for a Hubitat deal. I’m hoping sub 100 soon.

Eh, I’m cheap.