Samsung SmartThings Hub Gen 3 Unavailable to buy! (US)

I can’t find anyplace where these are in stock in USA. Couldn’t find a Gen 4 and Amazon says they have no idea if the Gen 3 will ever be back in stock.

I was excited about getting into this but concerned this product is a dead end.


These are now almost impossible to find. The good news is that the new Aeotec version is now available for order from Amazon in both the UK and Germany, but nothing announced for the US yet.

Official announcement about the new partners. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

Unofficial community discussion in the following thread:

Smartthings Hardware being licensed to Aeotec?

Thanks. I purchased from Samsung as you suggested. Inexpensive enough to do some exploration, and this community seems to suggest plenty of support, :sunglasses:

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Welcome aboard
Hope you got plenty of hair… ST is excellent but as it is going through this long drawn out change, things can be … frustrating !

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Thanks! Having spent a career in a ‘hair pulling’ profession I’ve found better ways to manage the stress brought on by electronics :beer::tropical_drink::champagne:

I am a little discouraged that the Samsung ST hardware platform is being outsourced. I chose it because of the excellent reviews and the extraordinary device compatibility. I really hope that AEOTEC picks up the ball on this.


I have 2 Aeotec devices, they are very good quality and work flawlessly

Hopefully things will continue in the same way with ST branded products