Updates to the SmartThings Platform

Linked Places are only for Galaxy devices?! What type of bs is that?


Is it true that smartthings is being sold to Aeotec?

Why was the V3 hub abruptly discontinued?

Wrong! ST is not being sold. They are licensing out the hardware to third parties to manufacture.


Where did you see this? Doesn’t explain pulling all V3 hubs from the shelves

It’s explained in the Aeotec licensing thread you posted in before posting here.

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I haven’t seen any reports that hubs are being pulled from the shelves: where did you see that? :wink:

What I have heard is reputable reports from Amazon and some other dealers that they are not getting new stock of the V3 hub. And one conversation that a community member posted with Samsung support that the hub is being discontinued in Canada.

See the following thread for a detailed discussion:

Smartthings Hardware being sold off to Aeotec?


I’ve noticed that a lot of SmartThings devices are out of stock. Especially the arrival/presence sensor. But other things seem to be low to. Even on Samsung’s own site. Very odd. Who is going to be supplying our smart stuff ? Does anyone really know. Someone must surely ?

there are lots of used st hubs and devices on ebay.

In the UK we have one major high Street electrical supplier for the masses, on there web site they have the Smartthings blurb with links to buy Smartthings devices, non of the links now resolve St devices, they all now point towards random other electrical crap, in the UK apart from Amazon Smartthings does not exist

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Still available on a subscription plan as part of the Vodafone V home package in the UK.

I’m not saying that most members of this forum would find that helpful, I’m just saying that the partnership still seems to exist.

Its not mainstream JD, Jo Blogs would have no idea that exists unless they use Vodafone phone carrier and got spammed by Vodafone trying to hock there wares

You’re definitely right that the UK Samsung website has been updated to say there’s no place to buy the regular hub. :thinking:

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Didn’t notice that one JD, looks like ST no longer exists in the UK then or to be more accurate, ST has no outlets at all in the UK apart from Amazon and a niche Vodafone derivative


I’m guessing that this has been in the works for a while, and that it has something to do with the seemingly unmovable October 14th date to sunset the Classic app.

Eliminate ongoing support of that app/process for the buyer…ie., make Samsung the “bad” guy.

Just my $.02


One thing for sure, its more than a simple app change


Maybe prep for a new hub? New Zwave 700 chip and all that?

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Forget it! Samsung don’t make hardware anymore. Hub v3 will be made by Aeotec and no development on hardware have been made in last years by Samsung…

If you want 700 chip do like me and switch to Hubitat C7. Hubitat have active developpment and very good community. All is now local and no more cloud logic…!!! I have no regrets!


i just set up a ring alarm tonight and damnnnnn the setup and linking devices was so easssssssy.


But the selection of devices is so small. :wink:


Is V3 of the Hub made my Aeotec or are you saying any new hub will be made by them? Genuinely interested as been toying with the idea of jumping to Hubitat but resisted as I have over 100 automations in my house.