ROUNDUP: Data Logging and Charting Solutions


(codersaur) #1

There’s loads of data logging and charting solutions, so I thought I’d create an index. Reply with any solutions I’ve missed and I will update this post.

Amazon DynamoDB [cloud (free/paid)]:

Elastic Stack (LogStash+Beats+Elasticsearch+Kibana) [private (free) / cloud (paid)]:

Can’t see a specific thread on the community, but here’s a github link:

Google Sheets [cloud (free)]:

GroveStreams [cloud (free/paid)]:

InfluxData TICK Stack (Telegraf+InfluxDB+Chronograf+Kapacitor ) + Grafana [private (free) / cloud (paid)]:

Initial State [cloud (free/paid)]:

PlotWatt [cloud (free/paid)]:

Note: PlotWatt is discontinuing its support for 3rd party residential energy monitors on March 31st, 2017

ThingLayer [cloud (free)]:


ThingSpeak [cloud (free/paid)]:

Xively [cloud (??)]:

SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL , SQLite, SQL Server) [private (free/paid) / cloud (paid)]:

Various discussion but no working examples just yet…

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Kind of a nerd thing but..... ST Data Dump?
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App that collects data from smart devices then POSTs data to third party?
Google cloud integration?
Time logging in smartthings?
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Nice work!

There are a few more listed on the quick browse list in the community created wiki on the list for “logging” under smart apps.

For example, SmartEnergyGroups (SEG), and IOT logger.

I like the visuals in your post and the grouping by third-party solution, and I also realized after seeing it that it may not have been intuitive that the logging discussions were in the smartapp section of the quick browse lists, so I’ve added the same list to the project report section as well. :sunglasses:

(codersaur) #3

I’ve added all these, plus included info on hosting and subscription options.

(Štěpán Šanda) #4

@zcapr17 Do you have any comparsion which one of those two is better? Simple Event Logger or Log events to Google Sheets Some advantages / disadvantages?

(codersaur) #5

Sorry, I’ve never really looked at them. Logging to Google sheets is a relatively primitive solution when you can set up a much more powerful and customisable solution using InfluxDB with Grafana in under an hour, so I’ve done the latter. :wink:

That said, if anyone wants to post a comparative review I’ll try my best to integrate it into the roundup. Keep in mind that everyone has a different definition of what is better though.

(Štěpán Šanda) #6

Well, you are right. But the problem is, that you have to have running linux machine. The cheapest solution that I can think of is to buy Raspberry Pi and configure it. On the other hand the Google Sheet is completely free solution and it requires almost zero configuration. Plus graph can be exported from Google Sheet as image and then used in SmartTiles which can be a nice bonus.

(codersaur) #7

Both InfluxDB and Grafana publish Windows binaries now, as well as docker images too. Plus there’s various cloud-hosting options available. So you can host pretty much anywhere you want.

If you really don’t want to spend any time or money on a server, then yeah, Google sheets is a good simple option. I would also consider Initial State.

(Ron Talley) #9

I have a Pi3 running 4 services related to SmartThings. I have at least 30 or more metered outlets. Can my Pi3 handle all of this data with the additional services running using InfluxDB?

(Ben Dixon) #10

I’m looking into a free option for logging electricity use. I have a nextcloud\owncloud (personal cloud) instance running on one of my servers.

I ran across an app that can be added called “Sensor Logger”. Has anybody used this? Does this look like it might be possible to use with smartthings?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #11

Yes. You should be able to post to this API using a SmartApp.