Can we use SQLite

I apologize for not checking to see if this has been covered. I have not developed anything yet but have a couple ideas. Can we take advantage of SQLite from the API?


Can you describe what you are thinking? Wondering what the use would be. Perhaps we can help flush it out.

I know Android has it installed in their builds. My thought was for a vacation app. If you have multiple lights that you would like turned on and off in a random pattern at random times and for varying lengths of time, you’d need to store which one was on last and how long ago it shutoff. This would prevent turning on the same light twice in a row, and also prevent cycling through them in a pattern. There may be other ways to do this. I’m sure IFTTT and a Google spreadsheet might do it. This would keep everything local to the device though. I see some pros/cons doing this such as being out of range. Using this database though may open up some other ideas.


I have used used IFTTT combined with a google calendar (I keep a separate IFTTT calendar under my main account) to set up my vacation lighting schedule

You can call MySQL databases from Groovy so it is possible to be able to access a MySQL Database. I have not tried this yet.

Found this googling around. Might be of help.

This looks close also;