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ROUNDUP: Data Logging and Charting Solutions

(SP) #22

I have both Vera and ST

So I have seen people other solutions which have no specific integrations with ST, same here. If somebody can give me an idea how to push data from ST to hundredgraphs I would love it

(SP) #23

SmartApp to log data to and get graphs back from data, you can get it here

HundredGraphs accepts any data (the dry/wet, active/inactive are converted to 1/0) and makes graphs out of it. The account is free

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #24

Cool, but…

How / why is this free? Data storage and bandwidth can become tremendously high operational expenses…

(SP) #25

Storage is cheap shit nowadays. Bandwidth is a bit more expensive when it is every minute, but not that much (it is less than KB). The service is freemium. So far we have only free level, but it is going to be a premium as well.
We are never going to charge for pushing data from your ST to HundredGraphs and to create nice graphs.
But our main aim is smart home owners who would want to get energy optimization pushed back to smart hub, for that you need a lot of users/data to run through AI pattern recognition. And that obviously would be premium. But hey! You can save about %25 of the monthly bill (industry research).

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(Sean) #26

Have you got this working?
I am not seeing any feeds from ST but if i try the test in API docs it seems to be working on their end.

I see this in my logs.
e4e5633d-8d60-46eb-8990-f4b30b71cb93 6:27:30 PM: warn Unexpected response from HundredGraph Logger: 401, Failed with status code 401

(SP) #27

@scpickle Looks like we got a bug, the default url was pointed to the dev server instead of prod. There is a new version in git or you can change it manually, just replace with

Sorry for that and thanks for trying

(Oliver) #28

Tried Hundredgraphs, but keep getting this error:

error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed to complete. Message was: Read timeout to of 20000 ms @line 691 (processLogEventsResponse)
warn Unexpected response from HundredGraph Logger: null, Failed to complete. Message was: Read timeout to of 20000 ms


Here’s another method to add to the roundup - using IFTTT. With SmartThings and Google Sheets connected there you can create an applet that adds all events from the device into a google spreadsheet. Has been working great for me for months now.

(SP) #30

@oliver989 I hope everything is working now?

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(Oliver) #31

Yes it is working now.
But there seems to be a bug with the graphs. “The first selected feed sets a max range for the graph”, it seems that the range is actually set according to the feed that is first alphabetically. This is really annoying, because in my case that sensor is mostly off.

(SP) #32

It looks like a bug, but I can not replicate it. Would you mind to share a graph?