eGauge energy meter

The eGauge energy meter device is a hardware you connect to your electrical panel, which allow you to get all of the power & energy power from specific breakers. Visit for the product lineup.

I wrote the smartApp & device integration for them so we can now pull the data in the smartthing ecosystem, which allow us to do soo many things (sky is limit), some use cases:

  1. Change light color when specific breaker exceed a certain amount of power (through webCoRE)
  2. Generate very nice energy graphs (various data logging solution does exists: ROUNDUP: Data Logging and Charting Solutions)

Installation instructions:

  1. You’ll first need to find your eGauge ip address. Refer to the eGauge instruction manual:
    Note: The mDns name (ie: eGaugeName.local will not work in smartthing), I strongly recommend you set an ip address (within the eGauge Settings page)

  2. Install the eGauge Energy Meter (Connect) SmartApp:

  3. Install the eGauge Energy Register device handler:

Follow this for more information FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings (SmartThings Classic)

You’ll see two type of energy cost cell: “Actual” and “PJ”. Actual means the energy has already been consumed where as the “PJ” refer to the “Projection” at that current energy rate that we are estimate.
For example, if you are pulling 1000 watts of energy at any given time, we will project a cost estimate in a per hour, per week, per month, per year.