Any compatible smart power outlets that do historical energy monitoring?

There are two separate issues here. The first is getting a historical picture of the data. As others have mentioned, there are many different ways to do logging with SmartThings. See the following overview thread (this is a clickable link)

So those work with any events which are being written to the SmartThings log. And you can generally keep as much history as you want, just depending on the specific logging solution that you’re using.

Now we come to the question of what device should you use to report the data. That is what specific brand and model of plug-in pocketsocket will provide you with the energy usage data in the first place.

I’m now going to give a very unpopular opinion, based on my education and experience in network engineering.

Z wave and zigbee home automation are mesh topologies, intended for very tiny messages sent infrequently. Data like “the light switch was turned on.” You’ll notice, for example, that many of the devices that report temperature or humidity will only do so once every 15 minutes. Even motion sensors may only check once every three minutes.

Monitoring energy usage just doesn’t fit that model. It’s almost always done every second or every five seconds, continuously 24 hours a day. It pounds the network, sends a ton of traffic, and almost guarantees that some of the messages sent to The pocketsocket for repeating will get lost or delayed. All the things that are bad about too frequent polling in a mesh network are also bad about too frequent energy reporting. :scream:

In fact, if you want to crater your zwave network, try putting three energy reporting pocketsockets in the same room with no other nearby repeaters. :scream:

So speaking just for myself, and again, I know this is an unpopular opinion, I would only use Wi-Fi pocketsockets for energy reporting. Just keep that stuff off the mesh.

The TP Link mentioned above are good, although obviously you need the “man in the middle” server.

There are several other Wi-Fi pocketsockets with energy monitoring, there just isn’t any good way to integrate them with SmartThings.

If you have a serious need for energy monitoring, such as a solar or generator powered system, you could consider the curb whole house device which does have a SmartThings integration. It’s about $400, but if the alternative is putting an energy monitoring pocketsocket on every outlet, it’s worth considering. And again, it doesn’t run over your mesh.

So as I said, I know mine will be an unpopular opinion. There are a couple of different zigbee or Z wave pocket sockets which offer energy monitoring, and others can speak to individual brand features. I just feel that as a device class, Energy monitoring is not a good match to a mesh topology.