Device type shows in marketplace but not in device type nor git

If I go to Marketplace -> Things, I find my device (Ecolink motion sensor),
but when I sign in to the developer console, and try to edit my device
it doesn’t show in the “Type” dropdown.
I can’t find it in the github repository either (
So, what is the deal here?
I would like to tweak the Device Handler, but can’t see to find the code.
I am currently using the generic Z-wave Motion Sensor type, and it is working,
but I would like to understand what is going on.
I know that I could exclude (un-pair) and re-include (pair) the device going
into the Marketplace and picking that device, but again, I’m trying to understand
the Smartthings ecosystem in order to create some hacks of my own.
Are this device types “closed source” or poprietary?

Mobile App version: 2.1.5
Hardware: hub v2, US customer Rev E
Firmware: 000.014.00040

Some Device Type Handlers are closed source / proprietary.

My first guess, though, is that the Ecolink probably is equivalent to the Generic Z-Wave Motion sensor … a lot of basic Z-Wave devices don’t have any special functionality or need for special code…

Here is code from GitHub which mentions the Ecolink as one of its cases:

Yes – I know this is a door/window contact sensor, not motion sensor; but this illustrates a generic Z-Wave handler that includes Ecolink; so… it hints that some other Ecolink sensors may follow a similar pattern.

I don’t know if you’ve got access @RBoy’s apps/dth’s But i’m using his Device handler for my ecolink and gocontrol motions and it works great.