[RELEASE] Enhanced ZooZ 4 in 1 Sensor (ZSE40 v1/v2/v3) Device Handler with Temperature, Humidity, Motion and Luminescence Sensor with Lux Reporting

Interested in this sensor.

I want to be able to control shades to lower when the sun hits the windows. How has the light sensitivity worked so far?

I use a timer now but that all changes as the season changes.

Also, can you disable the other sensors as need be?


So couple of things, do you want it when it sunny outside or just when it hits your window. If you want sunny you can just use a weather station tile to give you sunlight details although it won’t be accurate.

It’s very sensitive to light so it would depend upon what it would report for ambient lighting vs sunlight. The reporting threshold can be configured so while you can’t disable the other sensors you can definitely reduce how often of when it reports them to save battery.

Just saw this… sorry about the delay in the response.

I would want to monitor the window for the direct sunlight when it hit during the summer months so it can lower the shade.


Okay I would set the reporting threshold to 50% and then change the angle of the sensor so less lights hits it. It’s very sensitive to light.

So you would recommend these sensors?

We’ve done some benchmarking on the ZooZ v/s the Monoprice v/s Ecolink.

Temperature: What we’ve found is that the ZooZ ZSE40 is more accurate than the Monoprice when it comes to temperature sensitivity and reporting thresholds.
Motion Sensitivity: The EcoLink sensor is the fastest responding motion sensor with a specialized Pet mode that is unique (special design). The Monoprice has a good motion sensor that is semi configurable through a jumper (see our Monoprice Sensor page) and has great battery life. The ZooZ ZSE40 has a highly configurable motion sensor but it’s response time is similar to the Monoprice sensor. The motion sensor range is also comparable to the Monoprice.
Humidity: The humidity sensor is sensitive and again highly configurable, it’s reasonably accurate.
Light Sensitivity: The light sensor is very sensitive in the ZooZ ZSE40, I don’t think it would be very useful in direct sunlight but in room pointing inwards into the room it can be very helpful in determining the light levels and again it’s highly configurable in terms of reporting thresholds.

One significant difference between the Monoprice and ZooZ sensor is battery, the ZooZ comes with 2 regular AAA alkaline batteries where as the Monoprice come with a Lithium CR123A battery. The Lithium’s have a longer battery life. However you can replace the stock Alkaline batteries with the AAA Lithium Batteries, however apples to apples the ZooZ can last from 3 months to 6+ months on stock batteries where as the Monoprice last from 6 months to a year+ and Ecolink from a year+ depending upon usage. Do note however the battery life of the ZooZ would be highly dependent upon how often you configure it to report the various parameters (reporting threshold).

If you were to ask me that you only wanted a motion sensor, I’d probably pick the Ecolink, however if you’re looking at Motion and Temp sensor, it would be a toss up between the Monoprice (cheaper) and ZooZ ZSE40 (more configurable/flexible again depending upon use and accuracy). If you just want a reasonably accurate within 1-2 degrees of temp then Monoprice as it’s cheaper, if you want accuracy down to 0.1-0.2 degrees then the ZooZ. Great examples is I personally use the Monoprice to maintain temp in the common/kitchen rooms but I use ZooZ for the bedrooms where I need more fine grained control over the temp and other features as mentioned below.

However if you’re looking for Motion, Light, Temp and Humidity I don’t think you’ll find a better value for money product in the market today than the ZooZ ZSE40 and @TheSmartestHouse is be the place to buy it.


Thank you so much for such a detailed review!

I have yet to purchase one, hopefully soon!

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I’m wanting to change the motion sensitivity to “2” and I do not understand where to do this? Any help would be appreciated.

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What’s the difference between this device handler and one linked on @TheSmartestHouse site?

This was written ground up and tweaked to meet the needs of this brand/sensor. So couple of things were addressed in this version:

  1. New UI interface to make it easier to use
  2. The pairing and configuration process has been optimized for ZooZ. There were design issues in the old handler which was based off some GitHub sample code which had an inherent issue in it
  3. Some new additional features like polling etc

It’s just a more comprehensive alternative version developed based on user request which addresses some issues pointed out above. See the first post for more details:

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Sure, just click on the gear icon and it’ll open up the preferences page where it has detailed explanations for each setting. You can set the motion sensitivity there.

Thank you. I’ll give it a try.

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Configure tile doesn’t do anything. Also after hitting gear icon I can’t read the full descriptions for the settings. They are cut off. Would be nice to have a post here with the settings and what they do. The very last setting for me has no description at all.

You’re probably posting on the wrong thread. There is no configure button in this device handler. It’s all automatic. This is what this handler looks like:

Just me being an idiot and having the wrong device handler installed! Sorry and THANKS!

Ok, correct device handler now…no icons however.

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I’m guessing you’re using an Android phone. That’s a bug with the ST Android apps. This has been reported to @slagle and @Jim to pass onto the Android product dev team. I’ve been told that it’ll be fixed in the next ST Android app release. @slagle can you please confirm.

Great, thanks!

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Just connected one of these up and it works for the most part. I cannot get it to take any of the settings, specifically motion which I want set to 1 minute.

I see this in the log:

c2e8e9b2-7d96-4426-8905-a7ca0719a34b 11:37:39 PM: debug Requested a refresh of sensors and settings at next wakeup
c2e8e9b2-7d96-4426-8905-a7ca0719a34b 11:37:39 PM: trace Update called settings: [noMotionTimeout:1]

But motion is still 3 minutes.

Looking at the code seems I should see “Device woke up” in the logs when the device wakes up and is ready to be configured. That has not happened yet, nor does it happen if I press the button as instructed.

As I said, all functions are working, I just cannot get it to take the settings.

Any thoughts?

Have you tried the instructions in the first post to force initialize the
settings for the device?
As for wake up it depends upon the configured interval. By default it’s
3600 seconds. It will take the settings either when it wakes up next or
when you force it using the instructions in the first post

“This was written ground up and tweaked to meet the needs of this brand/sensor.”

So was my code. MANY HOURS were spent writing exception handling for a notification command set that sends
inconsistent information.

  1. New UI interface to make it easier to use

In your opinion. There’s nothing “new” (or easier) about the tile layout style. I offer two different layouts, would posit that icons are worthless, and, my configuration parameters work, sans workarounds.

“2. The pairing and configuration process has been optimized for ZooZ. There were design issues in the old handler which was based off some GitHub sample code which had an inherent issue in it”

This sounds like it was written by my marketing folks. Because you put fingerprints in it for v1 and v2 hubs? I don’t own a v2 so, well I don’t care to put a v2 fingerprint in it. Also, “based off some GitHub sample code” and “inherent issues”? Please, do elaborate. There’s nothing at all special to the zooZ product line with the way it pairs, or the way it is configured. It is a Z-Wave certified device which means it MUST operate per the Z-Wave specifications set forth in the standard. This is what makes Z-Wave great. In fact you can go on Z-Wave alliance’s website and get the engineering spec for it.

  1. Some new additional features like polling etc

There’s nothing new here. Polling? You can’t “poll” a battery powered device. You can ADD a poll feature but because they are sleeping devices, you can only request things when they wake, which, you do state, so really, this point is moot and just sounds good. So I have a device that sends reports when the state of the environment changes, when motion occurs, why, would I want to know an updated status of everything every four hours or even right away when the values sent are already current? In the hopes PERHAPS the temperature shifted a tenth of a degree or the humidity increased by the same?

“It’s just a more comprehensive alternative version developed based on user request which addresses some issues pointed out above. See the first post for more details:”

You really haven’t pointed out anything other than ease of pairing, which is really not hard. If you have to get into an IDE to load a device type, switching a sensor over to the other type is hardly an effort.

If you can’t tell, I take your comments as a bit more than a slight against my efforts, which, if anyone cares were available in v 1.2 , so several iterations of code, about 40 days prior to your device type. My code, I will freely point out was evolution of existing device types from SmartThings developers themselves like Duncan, and actually spun off from my Aeon Labs Mutisensor 6 code which goes way back now, and many others inputs in the community. I’m sure you just developed in a vacuum without help or guidance from anyone, using not one line of “sample code” from anywhere, certainly never used my code as a reference, to provide the miracle you have here.

I’m sure I could come across less irritated, but that’s ok because I am. It doesn’t bother me that you want to be super gung ho about this and act like a rockstar saviour of all of us home automatons. It does irk me a little that you’re monetizing this open source / open forum and shutting access to code down to those willing to pay the price. I think that goes against the community and the spirit of open source. Though you call it “donations” that is like “campaign contributions” of hundreds of thousands of dollars from banks to a presidential nominee… Most of all, I do not appreciate you pissing on my efforts 40 days late.

And lastly, I only found out about this because you were mentioned to me by my contact at Lorenz HD (makers of zooZ) who was considering using you as their “official” source of software and support. Despite this ^^^ I told them I completely understand, I’m a part time ST coder, have a day job and a family, and so long as you could provide quality software and responsive support, more power to them. So, all of this aside (I’m pretty over it already), I just hope you and your team, will provide well for them. I think Lorenz / zooZ has great potential in the emerging “consumer grade HA” world.

Sorry forum. I hate to have had to bring any drama in here outside of that which ensues with platform and firmware updates. I just couldn’t let this one slide. I’ve spent too many nights awake working on this stuff to let it slide without a word.