[RELEASE] Enhanced ZooZ 4 in 1 Sensor (ZSE40 v1/v2/v3) Device Handler with Temperature, Humidity, Motion and Luminescence Sensor with Lux Reporting

We’ve done some benchmarking on the ZooZ v/s the Monoprice v/s Ecolink.

Temperature: What we’ve found is that the ZooZ ZSE40 is more accurate than the Monoprice when it comes to temperature sensitivity and reporting thresholds.
Motion Sensitivity: The EcoLink sensor is the fastest responding motion sensor with a specialized Pet mode that is unique (special design). The Monoprice has a good motion sensor that is semi configurable through a jumper (see our Monoprice Sensor page) and has great battery life. The ZooZ ZSE40 has a highly configurable motion sensor but it’s response time is similar to the Monoprice sensor. The motion sensor range is also comparable to the Monoprice.
Humidity: The humidity sensor is sensitive and again highly configurable, it’s reasonably accurate.
Light Sensitivity: The light sensor is very sensitive in the ZooZ ZSE40, I don’t think it would be very useful in direct sunlight but in room pointing inwards into the room it can be very helpful in determining the light levels and again it’s highly configurable in terms of reporting thresholds.

One significant difference between the Monoprice and ZooZ sensor is battery, the ZooZ comes with 2 regular AAA alkaline batteries where as the Monoprice come with a Lithium CR123A battery. The Lithium’s have a longer battery life. However you can replace the stock Alkaline batteries with the AAA Lithium Batteries, however apples to apples the ZooZ can last from 3 months to 6+ months on stock batteries where as the Monoprice last from 6 months to a year+ and Ecolink from a year+ depending upon usage. Do note however the battery life of the ZooZ would be highly dependent upon how often you configure it to report the various parameters (reporting threshold).

If you were to ask me that you only wanted a motion sensor, I’d probably pick the Ecolink, however if you’re looking at Motion and Temp sensor, it would be a toss up between the Monoprice (cheaper) and ZooZ ZSE40 (more configurable/flexible again depending upon use and accuracy). If you just want a reasonably accurate within 1-2 degrees of temp then Monoprice as it’s cheaper, if you want accuracy down to 0.1-0.2 degrees then the ZooZ. Great examples is I personally use the Monoprice to maintain temp in the common/kitchen rooms but I use ZooZ for the bedrooms where I need more fine grained control over the temp and other features as mentioned below.

However if you’re looking for Motion, Light, Temp and Humidity I don’t think you’ll find a better value for money product in the market today than the ZooZ ZSE40 and @TheSmartestHouse is be the place to buy it.