Help Needed with Monoprice devices

Noob here. I’ve just started adding devices for the first time. Bought a couple door sensors and motion sensors from Monoprice. Both are giving me fits and I’m about to lose my mind so help would be appreciated.

  1. The sensors were quickly added to the hub without issue. Unfortunately they both read “open” despite both touching their magnets. The app shows 100% battery but no change in “open” status. I tried excluding and adding them again. One is about a foot away from the hub. The other is about 30 feet. Putting the sensors against the magnet gives no change in status. I’ve tried repairing the network, but that doesn’t work either. I’ve scoured the forum and nobody seems to have this issue.

  2. The motion sensor doesn’t even connect. It will blink slowly for a few seconds then turn back off. I’ve removed the cover multiple times. Tried excluding. Nothing.

Heard great things about the community, which is why I invested in the Smartthings hub. Hope someone can rescue me. Thanks!


I’ve only used the in-wall relay. But check this out:

Sorry if you already have.

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I’m sure that’s very frustrating. Do you have any other devices on the network that are working?

Also, what happens if you run a Z wave repair?

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Yes it’s a little picky while trying to pair it. Try this

  1. Power cycle the hub or reboot the hub from the IDE utilities (there are back up batteries inside)
  2. Open your IDE and under my devices make sure it isn’t already paired. Often I have seen Monoprice devices pair but not show up on the phone till you kill the phone app and restart it
  3. Bring the motion sensor within 5ft of the hub and now try pairing it if it hasn’t already been paired

Thanks for all the input. Will go through each of these and report back.

Tried repairing the network. I see it go through the process under Events, but no fix.

These are my first devices.

Anyone have or found a device handler for the door sensors? I went through the search function and I can’t find anything in the list of handlers.

Since these are the only devices you have, I think the best thing is probably just to get in touch with support and see what they can see from their side. For example, they can check your Z wave radio in the hub to make sure it’s working.

I wish I had A better answer for you, but the contact sensors should just work with the stock device type handler. So there’s definitely something going on, but it’s just not possible to troubleshoot just from the forums.

Let us know what they say.

Great news! Looks like I’ve got all sensors fixed.

My issue with the motion sensor was simply that I expected all sensors to connect the same way and didn’t thoroughly read the directions. There is an added step with the motion sensor. Works perfectly. Lesson learned.

The door sensors once again needed to be excluded. I then deleted them from my list of devices from IDE (which I didn’t do last night). Reconnected them and now they recognize open and close.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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Can I ask what extra step you had to do? I am also having trouble connecting my monoprice motion detector. The contact sensors connected right away.