Unable to add Monoprice Z wave plus Motion Sensor to ST hub

I know there have been posts regarding this motion sensor. My question is do I need to update the device handler in the ST hub to get it to pair or can i by default pair out of the box.

I’ve tried leaving the back cover open and pushing the switch multiple times. I tried removing the battery and trying again. I have two motion sensors and neither one are able to pair.

Any ideas on how to get it to pair?

Thank you!

I think it should at least be able to pair with the hub using the stock z-wave motion sensor handler. Custom device handlers can add additional functionality.

Sometimes even brand new z-wave devices need to be excluded before they can be paired to a z-wave controller. Put the hub in general device exclusion mode, then follow the instructions that come with the monoprice sensor for excluding it from a controller. Then try pairing again.

I tried the exclusion process but the hub never acknowledges that something was excluded. I tried pairing again and still no luck.

Are you tapping the pinhole (located outside) 2-3 times 1-2 seconds and holding 2-3 seconds on the third on the outside ? There’s a tamper switch inside but to exclude and activate you use pinhole…


OMG it works! Thank you so much! I feel so dumb, lol

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Yeah… it took me about 3 days to figure that out, too. :slight_smile: I think the installation guide needs a picture!!

Yeah it’s a little tricky at times, here’s a guide (should add pictures to it)

INCLUSION INSTRUCTIONS: It is recommended to install the Device Handler BEFORE paring the device for easier setup. To pair the device, Select Add New Device from the MarketPlace on your ST phone app. Then open the motion sensor device cover. Push a pin into the little hole behind the sensor and press it a couple of times. The close the cover after it shows up. If you’re doing an inclusion after an exclusion, remove the battery first and then reinsert it and then follow the above instructions, otherwise the device doesn’t always pair up.

having trouble connecting the WAPIRZ-1 motion to ST. maybe the tamper proof switch is the problem. please explain how to work around it please?

Have you tried zwave exclusion?

If not try that first and then try the pairing process.

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i could not get it to work so I just bought a new sensor that easier to install. Thanks anyway.

I can’t thank you enough! Worked.

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