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Push Notifications for Schlage Lock Not Working (April 2019)

I’m still having issues. I am using ‘Universal Z-Wave Lock Device Handler v04.03.09’ I’m using it on both hubs. One hub sends me notifications and one hub doesn’t. Notifications are turned on. I’m using LUM v07.09.03 I do have more sensors connected to the hub that is not sending notifications. It looks like the hub isn’t even receiving the info because it is not listed under the ‘recent’ tab. I think if the message were getting to the hub then I would see the notification. I do see door open/close info in the recent tab for that sensor. Should I replace the hub? It is v2. Not sure what else to try.

You’ve hit the nail on the head as to why you aren’t getting the notifications.

See this topic which will explain why and then give you the solution:

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I do have a Monoprice Z Wave Metering plug in switch. I have one at each location and have had them for about a year. Both hubs are in condos and the switch is between the hub and the lock…similar distances. I have repaired the hub. Schlage recommended that I exclude the lock and the monoprice device and do a factory reset on the lock and then include both items. I’ve done that and I’m still not receiving notifications from the one lock. I bought a new hub…still no notifications. I’ve scanned the IDE for any differences in lock settings and the working one states that the beeper is enabled. The nonworking one states that the status is unknown. Could this be the issue? It seems to me that the lock isn’t sending the notifications. Or the notifications aren’t being recognized. Not sure if the problem is with the hub, the lock, the app, the driver…

I suspect since you’ve been fairly thorough in your setup and analysis, you may have a defective lock or chipset in the non working lock. If it’s saying that beeper is unknown it isn’t responding correctly.

If you haven’t already tried it, try to replace the battery. If not you may need to request Schlage for a replacement lock. If you’re considering new locks, check out Yale. It has a few more handy features/flexibility and the zwave module is replaceable. You can even get their newer zwave plus locks which have a better battery life.

I appreciate the suggestions. I have replaced the batteries in the lock. I bought a new Schlage because I was familiar with it, but I will take a look at the Yale. I just need to be able to change codes remotely and receive notifications. Thanks again for your help.

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Still trying to troubleshoot over here and I’m wondering if you can clarify something with the Universal Z-wave Lock Device Handler v.04.03.09. I now have 3 locks and 3 hubs (in different locations). The lock that sends me notifications is Named Z-wave lock and the ones that don’t are Named Schlage FE599 Z-Wave Lock. I don’t name them…it must happen when the lock is included. I also notices differences in the Data section of my SmartThings IDE when I click on the individual device. The 2 that don’t send notifications have a network security level: ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY However, the one that does send notifications doesn’t identify a network security level. It does have a line labeled MSR instead of network security level.
I am not really sure how it is all operates…I’m simply trying to find differences in the systems. If I can’t get a resolution my next step is to exclude all locks, delete the DH and then include the locks one by one.

The lock names don’t matter, they’re just labels. The things to check which make a difference:

  1. Lock pairing, if the pairing doesn’t complete properly you may have issues, typical symptoms include a MSR that all 0’s or missing, the raw description has a bunch of 0000 in them for prod and model. There should be a raw description line. The security doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t say S0_FAILED (which means pairing failure)
  2. Having a zwave plus repeater close by, you may want to try a different model

For what it’s worth I’ve been seeing issues with the hub today where some locks notification events are reaching the hub while other are reaching. I had to relocate the problem lock and the repeater (basically reconfigure the mesh), exclude them both, reboot the hub, re-pair them and do a Z-Wave repair and then I started receiving it (in that order).


I’m having similar problems lately.

This past weekend, I paired a Monoprice Zwave outlet, and placed it mid-distance between my Schlage and ST Hub.

Then the SC app Smart Lock stopped showing its history.

I think I also read somewhere that the Z-Wave repeater and the Hub will take some time to “learn/relearn” the mesh networking???.. Is that actually a thing, or was I misreading it?


That’s true, z-wave devices aren’t really meant to be moved around. Each device knows it neighbors and determines the best route to send messages accordingly (that’s why it important to have the buffering repeaters closer to the locks so it forces messages to go through them).

If you make any changes do a Z-Wave repair to update all the mesh devices routing tables.