Push Notifications for Danalock Not Working (Dec 2019)

@RBoy Hi I have installed both the LUM & the “Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock (with alarms, RFID, door sensor and advanced features)” I also went to the “api.smartthings” and changed it to the new device handler.

After that all my Pin codes with names was populated to the Danapad (Keypad) and it works!
I can lock myself in and out BUT the log dosent show alle the new names?
And I don’t get any notification - No SMS and no APP notify

I feel like I am really close to getting everything I ever wanted from this danalock (FINALLY) but the notification is a must :slight_smile:

No I have not disabled notification in the smartapp and the phone numbers are added correctly
Any ideas

It’s one of 2 things (assuming the ST mobile app and SmartApp notifications are enabled):

  1. The lock isn’t sending the code used information, this typically shows up as unlocked notification with no user name in the activity tab
  2. The most common lock mesh list event issue (you don’t see a notification in the lock activity tab or don’t see the user name), see this topic on how resolve it: FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

Also see the LUM FAQ doc.

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Hi @RBoy

Looking into the logs it just states that the lock was opened?

So does this mean that the RB pin codes now with names created from the RB code (works)

But if the names is not matched to the pincodes then it can’t really be used for anything can it?
I got the Rboy code because I wanted notification on who arrived home.

If I just wanted a notification that the door is open then I could just use the doorsensor and webcore

repeater is in place… and I get notification on other devices both using SMS and Push so seem to be working

(can I change SMS notification to PUSH? - just to test if that makes any difference?)

Also why does the danalock after changing the Z-wave device handler from RB now have a smoke detector and tamper handler?