Door Lock events stopped working with custom code

I wrote a custom smartapp that sends me a SMS during specific times of the day if my Schlage door lock is unlocked. It was working great for several months, but recently it stopped working. Checking the Live Logs online shows the app isn’t getting any event messages from the lock.

I did see a few postings here that talk about “Z-Wave DTHs: Changes to Encapsulation Handling Starting in 0.25.Z Hub Firmware Release” but I don’t know if that really applies to my SmartApp (and if it does, I don’t understand what I need to change).

So, because of this hub firmware change do I need to scrap my SmartApp code and rewrite it a different way? If so, are there any more specific examples that can help me?


It does not apply to your smartapp.
Are you seeing the events in your lock device history? Have you replaced or reset the lock recently?

It would apply to the DTH you were using, not the smartapp.

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The device handler is the “Z-Wave Lock with Codes” which I believe is one of the generic handlers supplied by Smartthings. This morning I took my dog for a walk and unlocked my door at 8:30 am and I didn’t get a message from my SmartApp until 9 am. I then checked the event log for my hub, and saw that the manual unlock event didn’t get recorded until 9 am. So, it seems my SmartApp is working ok but my Schlage Z-Wave lock isn’t telling the Smartthings hub that an event occurred?

This is a lock that I’ve been using for a few years now with no issues until about 4 months ago. I did recently (like 2 weeks ago) switch to the current DTH so I could set the codes from the software instead of manually on the lock itself, but I’ve had this event issue even before that.

That DTH is not a working DTH and is only around for legacy purposes. The default DTH is Z-Wave Lock or for your Schalge lock try this Enhanced DTH which fixes bugs in the stock DTH and adds features specific to your Schlage lock (automatic lock and feature detection)

What is your Schlage lock model?

Thanks for the reply. The lock is a Schlage Connect BE469 Touchscreen. I’m actually waiting for the Hubitat hub to be back in stock to switch to that platform, so I’ll wait on making any changes. Thanks.