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Specific door user code triggers

(Kent Sick) #1

Does anyone know if it is possible to create automations triggered by the entry of a specific Schlage lock code? I have older Schlage locks that work with my new ST hub (it allows adding and deleting user codes) but I can only get the system to let me set up automations for “lock” and “unlock”, and I would prefer to do different automations depending upon which user is entering the house, and – more importantly – to not have those automations triggered when the door is unlocked manually from the inside. Solutions? Thanks, everyone.


(sidjohn1) #2

Core\webcore already allows this. Below is a piston in which i update a master presence sensor from data from 3 other sensors, including the lock code used (#1) to unlock the door.

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( - Make your home your butler!) #3

If you have access to RBoy Apps you can do all the above with this LUM app (per user actions for lock and unlock and separate for manual lock), create schedules for users and tons more

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