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Hey guys, Found Outlink smart outlet at my local HD for sale for $13 a piece. I hear from the community that it works with ST, even if without energy monitoring.
Am pretty sure $13 is a good deal… When the Leviton ones are going for around $40.
Will let you guys know abt ST integration results.

PS: Posting from HD and gonna take them all ;-). If not needed, will return later. Love the community for threads like this, which educates quickly :blush:


Awesome, I’ll go check then out. Thanks!

Just be aware when planning your network that the quirky outlet is a zigbee device, so it will repeat only for other zigbee devices, not Zwave. The Leviton you mentioned is Zwave. Both are good, you just need to plan your layout accordingly.

The community device type discussion is here:


Anyone buy these new GE link bulbs? https://www.cbyge.com/pages/starter-pack

They’re going for $40 for 4. Think they’ll work with ST hub?

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Still in preorder as far as I know.

These are Bluetooth bulbs, not zigbee, and since the Bluetooth radio in the SmartThings hub is not yet enabled, you won’t be able to connect them directly to the SmartThings hub at the present time. And I haven’t seen anything about an API for the phone app. So my guess is these will not work with the SmartThings hub for now. They will work with a wink hub, or at least they were supposed to when they were first announced, but that was using Bluetooth.


The Foscam C1 camera is $50 on Groupon right now.


Not sure how well (if at all) it plays with ST hub…

Home depot deal of the day kwikset and schlage door locks. I have the schlage century connect which works great and is on sale for $199.

Anyone find any deals on dimmable led bulbs. I need a few DUMB bulbs that are dimmable. What has been a good price lately? Considering smart bulbs have dropped, I would assume dumb bulbs would have dropped as well, but I am still seeing $12 or so per bulb.

I’ve had success with these:

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HD put a bunch of the 25w-equivalent Philips dimmable candelabra LED bulbs down from $15.97 to $9.10 and stuck them back on a shelf where things go to die. I’m waiting on the price to drop again as I need some for my chandelier.

Big orange online deal of the day on schlage connect set for $199

Do you find that these buzz at all? What dimmer make are you using them on? I need 6 to go in a bathroom, so buzzing might back an issue and are reported in the Amazon reviews.

[quote=“jcrissey, post:10, topic:34950”]candelabra LED bulbs[/quote]HD has these dimmable Phillips Candelabra for $7.97 nationally, and $2.97 in Massachusetts (choose store #2674):

They are 3.5W vs. the 2.5W.

They also have this 6 pack of TCP dimmables for $20.98 (4W each, though):

The home Depot in my area has philips slimstyle led bulbs for $2.97 each. They work well and dim nicely. They have local energy company rebate built in to reach that price.

Check your local utility company. Many have rebates, coupons, or bundle packs on dumb LEDs that will reduce the price significantly.

HD also has the dimmable 40W and 60W Phillips Blunt Tip Candle shape (B11) LEDs on sale at 50% off in Massachusetts. $3.97 for the 40W and $4.97 for the 60W, either E12 or E26 base.


Ace has a double sale right now on dumb FEIT dimmable LEDs. Sale goes through January 31.

Current price is $5.99 per bulb plus there is a mail in rebate of $3/bulb (limit 4)

A19, Color temperature 3000k, 800 lumens, dimmable LED


Mail in form:


If you have their rewards card, some stores have these available in store at the 2.99 price (5.99 minus the rebate) with no limit. So check your local ad. :sunglasses:

I picked this up from the iris booth at CES this week.

40% off the iris security pack
Coupon code 470000000013036


Skybell 2.0 on woot $99.00 again

It isn’t their newest model (the hd is) and has mixed amazon reviews.

D-Link DCS-930L daytime camera with some ST compatibility on clearance at Amazon $30.19

Details of ST function here.