Good cheap motion sensors

I hear the ecolinks work better if you put the jumper on test instead of pet1 and pet2. Does that make any difference?

Some of them the test jumper makes a difference, done they don’t. I had two of them. One reset in one minute the other was a random time from 2.5 to 5 minutes.

If you have pets and need the pet immunity, I recommend the Ecolink.

Otherwise, Iris gets you more bang for your buck and in a smaller profile.

I have Iris, Ecolink, Monoprice, and both generations of ST motion sensors.

I think Iris is the best value for non-pet owners.

You can use masking tape creatively to focus your sensors

Maybe I will give Iris a shot. My Lowes has 9 in stock. I can return them if I dont like them

I’m not a pet owner, so no need for me.
Just means I can’t really chime in on how well that works as it’s not a use case for me.

But the Iris does what I need stock. And I got mine in the Home Security kit I nabbed for $60, so it was essentially half price (4 items for $60)

The ecolink are 27.00 on Amazon take out the jumper and it makes the reset time 5 seconds which is super fast. Also these things are super sensitive. If you need temperature with motion get the iris from lowes.

I dont care for temperature monitoring. I just need to switch on and off the lights and fan when here is motion or not. And no pets here either.

I would go for the ecolink just make sure to take off the jumper so you have the 5 second reset. It’s really called test mode but I use mine like this for over a year now and the battery is still at 100% . I’m also using mine for turning on/off lights. It works well and best of all you can buy a 2 pack for 55.00

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I went through the ecolink manual and it says if the jumper is off its in test mode with a reset of 4 mins. If you want a faster reset 5s, the jumper has to be in the slot labelled test. Is that not correct?

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That is correct, but I still couldn’t get mine to reset in under a minute. Good luck.

All mine I have 4 of them reset in 5 seconds . You just have to change the jumper

Really? Just change the jumper? Yeah… I tried that along with a hundred different things. That was my point. Mine didn’t work, very few have been lucky enough to get them to work that way.

Changing the jumper changed it from 5 minutes to one.

This is what mine looks like, the jumper is on the left . And i tested them all its more like 8 seconds but it still resets in just little time. When i had Vera it was more like 5 second .

This, plus I would get more aggravated with the ecolink’s time to reset. Having my pets set off my lights is no big deal since I have them turnoff within a minute usually.

I do like the Iris, better than the SmartThings ones, more reliable and both are quick and reset fast. Already had to get an RMA on one ST one and a few others act up every month or so and need a reset. They do report temp more reliably than the Iris though.

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