50% Off on Smarthings @Samsung

(Shriniv) #1

(Paul Travis) #2

US only again ???

(Steve Jackson) #3

I’m setting up a new home. Any solid reason I should buy v2 hub since I’m starting fresh or stay with V1. So far No Issues be with V1 hub at all.


You’ll get firmware updates for ZigBee devices, some local processing (was mentioned they will be adding additional local devices) and continued SmartThings firmware updates. I wouldn’t be able to say if that is worth $50 to you.

(Steve Jackson) #5

I only have a few ZigBee bulbs in some lamps. I prefer zwave for my devices. I try and set up everything so that I still have full manual control in the event of a failure. I haven’t been on the forum much and was curious if much has changed. I was thinking of using web core for most of the new automations so I know local automation will be non existent for me. $50 is pretty cheap considering my hub is 2-3 years old and has been on 24/7. IDK. I’m still on the fence.

(Eric Seckinger) #6

The best thing I have done is NOT upgrade to V2. The V1 hubs are much more reliable. I have never had any device issues ever. I will wait for them to give an upgrade path and release a v3 or v4. Not rebuilding my whole setup for an inferior hub.

(Steve Jackson) #7

That’s what I’ve seen. I was curious if the v2 had become more reliable with updates. My biggest concern is the V1 dying but I have other devices that run 24/7 and have for years.


Not reliable at all. False positives every week. Heck I got 5 just this morning! Are they doing an update? Lol

(Kevin) #9

Anyone know how long this sale will last?
EDIT: answering my own question per ST twitter feed: Now through 8/26

(Steve Jackson) #10

I’m with Eric. I don’t have amy issues with my V1 hub. My major concern really is hardware failure. Being that I will be rebuilding from scratch at the new house, I was curious if ST had made drastic improvements to V2, which it appears they have not. At least none that would be of great benefit to me.

Glad to hear that there are still others running V1. I think I’ll take my chances and rebuild with the V1 and use mostly WebCoRe. If I have a failure, my automations will be backed up.

Thanks for the replies everyone.