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PLEASE use this thread to discuss anything and everything related to Device Deals, Sales, Coupons, Best Prices, etc (ONLY use the other ‘Deals’ thread for posting deals).

If you have a deal to post, please post it in the Deal Posting thread (thread title below is a link to take you there)…

p.s. This is NOT a fight or argument about methodology. All points of view on this are not only relevant, but necessary. This is simply an experiment to see if something like this will help us at all. :slight_smile:


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RE: the sengled bulb deal we hit on a month ago or so…
This morning, I just got a UPS shipping notification from LEXILED LIGHTING CORP.
I assume that’s the sengled bulb on it’s way, but not sure.
Anybody else see this?

yup got that too and I paid them via paypal and it is the same company :slight_smile:

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here are some discussion posts from the deal-posting thread (I will be deleting mine from there now. If you agree with this new methodology for separating the deal-posting from the carry-on discussions about those deals, please do the same…

And please don’t ever point the Slickdeals people to this SmartThings Community. Everything would be sold out in minutes.


Please note that this is not their current hardware (which would be the HD) and does have mixed reviews on Amazon. For more information you can check out this thread:

Continuing the discussion from POST Deals/Sales/Coupons/Pricing HERE (discuss deals in the other thread):

If I had the capability to clean up the thread I would, but afaik the only ones that can move/merge topics are ST staff, We all have the capability to “Police the forums” by flagging unrelated topics for ST staff to review (you should suggest a suitable home for them) I have done this a few times, and someone usually takes care of it pretty quickly. Or you can flag it and talk to the person, maybe they will agree and delete/move their own post, Again a Kind suggestion of where it should go wouldn’t hurt.

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So this thread is for discussions right?

Anyway, I see people picking up the Oris garage door controller for $40 but it’s $80 here locally and if I choose parcel shipping from an out state store it just forces me back to the local pricing…

[quote=“urbantux, post:8, topic:42517, full:true”]
So this thread is for discussions right? [/quote]

lol yep :slight_smile:

On the Iris GDO, ya, I think different people have been experiencing different things. No idea if it’s based on geographic region of the store, or of the ISP, or something to do with the browser you’re using, or what. Seems like some get shipping, and some don’t, for whatever reason.

Ha, iris dumb phone… I went on the computer and was able to pick up two of the zwave garage door controllers at $39 each, that’s $40 less than my local store. It only worked on the comp though, the mobile site kept reverting to my local price…

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I think the old “Current device deals & best prices” should be locked and a fresh new pair (Deals-only, Discussion) created.

I totally agree.

Many of us (I say ‘us’ because I know I’m one of them) have posted in the deals thread things that aren’t relevant specifically to deals. Having this new thread won’t solve it completely. It’s just one small piece of attempting to get something else happening.

Since a lot of people rely on that thread for deal alerts, they get really annoyed when a post pops up and they take the time to go there and find about 20-30 new posts about all of what you just mentioned, and often, no deals…just chatter.

The posts about shipping, out of stock, canceled orders are indeed important. I totally agree, but it doesn’t seem like there is any real good reason why they can’t happen over here instead.

Also, in light of the fact that there are so many different kinds of ways that things can work with somebody’s HA system, I still think even posts about things that aren’t directly compatible are even a good thing.

It’s the posts about very, very minor ‘deals’ (like, a % off that I have gotten just because the clerk is in a good mood or whatever) and the ‘not-really-a-deal’ referral links that bug me.

Still, if it’s a deal, it’s a deal. Go ahead and post it, but for those doing so, please try to make up for it by shifting your discussion about it over to this thread. :slight_smile:

As long as it’s all in fun and done with a helpful, friendly attitude and nobody is bashing anybody about it, we can (gently) ‘police’ it ourselves. It’s still going to happen, but perhaps we can minimize it for the sake of respecting the members that really do rely on that thread just for deal announcements.

That’s what the “old thread” was supposed to be :smiling_imp: . I think the better option would just to be start a new thread every month or so. That way there won’t be 1k posts to weed through.
We will never stop discussion unless the thread is 100% moderated , in which case some deals with limited supply would probably be gone before it was even gets posted.

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the link is not working

Please don’t forget to mention that contains your referral ID hidden behind the bit.ly link. How much do you get?

The direct link to ebates for Lowes: https://www.ebates.com/editUserInfos.do?navigation_id=17999&sourceName=Web-Desktop&merchant_id=10722


If you are going to post a referral link that benefits you, don’t be sneaky and hide it, which is the only reason for you to use bit.ly (or the goo.gl one you tried first). Be honest that you are trying to make money off of us following your directions.


It is $25 for the referrer…


I’m guessing this is the duplex outlet but and this is the outdoor control - am I correct?
Were these clearance? What zip is the store in?


Then post the referral link and not something that hides it.