Anyone got DLink IP camera 930L or 932L working?

I have some DLink IP cameras DCS 930L and 932L that I got long before I bought ST. Unfortunately they are not on the compatibility list, although someDLInk cameras are - how come?

I understand that some won’t have been fully tested, but why do some work, or state compatible, where other DLink camera don’t?

Has anyone got a DCS930L or 932L and got it working with ST?

I have one but it’s not working with ST. It is not recognized by the ST app as you probably know. I have the 2330 and the 5029 as well and those pair to ST no problem.

I’ve given some thought to the process though and there are a couple options I think (although I haven’t tested them) for a “poor man’s integration”. The problem is that the 930/932 doesnt hold an SD card nor does it have an option for sending video feed. You can configure it (through advanced settings on the camera itself) to email or upload image frames via FTP after a motion or sound event though so in theory, it could be used for security purposes.

  1. you could put the camera on a ST electrical outlet (fixed or portable) and have it power on with a mode change, motion, or contact sensor input. Be sure the power on event happens a solid 30 seconds prior to when you expect to photograph activity so that it is online and connected to the network. You’ll have to configure the camera’s motion/audio detection within the cameras settings.

  2. you could put a siren in the room with the camera and set the audio detection settings to match the high Db level threshold of the siren. Then when it goes off, your 930 will begin FTPing or emailing the frames

All in all though, I’d personally opt for getting one of the compatible cameras. They aren’t too much more money. For the record, I think the ST integration with the DLink cameras kind of sucks anyway. I will definitely stop using ST home monitor once they start charging. Its really pretty crappy as is.

Just search the forum for it. Limited functionality but it does work:

Use it with photo burst app. Plus you can auto arm it so you can ftp the clips elsewhere