Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

Same here. Saw them in the store last weekend for 20-something. Went in this morning and they were marked down to 13 but OOS.

The lady at customer service was nice enough to check with a store by my office with 2 in stock, but they were still at 26

Then why all your links have the referral tag “nowandlater-20” in them?

Pig tail. They come with weird push in wire connectors, but they do not come with the screws to connect them to the box. (I thought that was weird)

FYI, my local hd had these prices at $29, but when I tried to get then to price match they said it was ringing up at 13.03. Took the 4 they had to self checkout and sure enough that’s what they rang up to.

I love this thread!

Also, with the wires and the depth of these things, it is a tight fit, even in a decent size box. But I got it up and going and works great for on/off!

Also when I was at my local HD I saw this:

It looks like the TCP Connection to ST has had some issue, I’ve never used it so maybe someone can chime in with whether or not they are currently working.

I didn’t say I wasn’t using referral codes. I said I was posting what I naively thought were actual good deals.

You kind of did.
20 char

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Just because someone’s Google-fu is lacking doesn’t mean that there’s ill will intended. If you think there’s a problem, report the posts, don’t call someone out here, that’s not the point of the thread.


Not at all really…

This thread isn’t for posting THE BEST DEAL EVER on any given item. It’s for posting deals as we see them (that’s all anybody can really expect).

While I can see how posting referral links could get sketchy, it’s not necessarily a bad thing… If somebody posts a referral code and it ends up being a great deal for the rest of us, why would we care what they get out of it?

All of these points are valid…

  1. This thread is for posting Current Device Deals & Best Prices (that’s two different things as I read it)

  2. If it’s really a deal for the rest of us, referral links are fine

  3. If the deals posted seem to be very weak deals as compared with normal pricing, the community will frown on it, and the person will probably learn how to spot a better deal and stop posting bogus ones just to get hits

I’m not exactly sure if #3 above is what just happened or not, but if the shoe fits…

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I think the issue arises when it’s not disclosed. Couple that with the fact that they were pretty normal prices and it can look like the poster is just trying to make a buck.


I totally agree that the price posted seemed like not really a significantly good deal as compared with the prices I had seen for same item recently. However, it’s possible that I check prices (and this thread) a lot more often than some other folks.

Not trying to give them excuses if they are just doing it for the referral traffic (if they are, they should stop it), but I just don’t want to harp on somebody that may only be out of touch.

Every time a hokey deal pops up in here, I immediately want to jump in and say, “That’s not a good deal”, but then the more patient and compassionate part of me (which barely exists lol ) steps in and blocks me from posting. I guess I’d rather err on the side of having a friendly community that is welcoming for noobs than a purist enclave for the more experienced among us (especially since, in every other thread on this forum, I’m still a noob). :slight_smile:


This has been very helpful for me, teaching me that Amazon’s “x% off” or “Save $100” notices don’t necessarily mean anything.


Camel Camel Camel is your firend


Hey guys,

Lets keep this on topic and not talk about ethical uses of referral codes lol. If you want to have that discussion have it in a private message.



Maybe if we had a moderator assigned to this thread to help keep it clean and not a bunch of stuff that should have it’s own thread, it would be very helpful wink wink nudge nudge

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We don’t like to police you guys. Simply use your best judgment when you post.

from here on out this thread should be only about devices and their deals


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@slagle would you mind locking this thread and creating a new one, linking the old to the new in the last post. This one is very long and mostly outdated deals now.

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